Schedule view for roster

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It’d be great on the lineups page to be able to see your players’ schedules for the upcoming week at a glance, especially for pitchers and when they are scheduled to start. It would make lineup setting decisions easier and is something available on most other fantasy sites. Thank you.

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I’d like to bump this back up: Especially as we get to the end of the season and are trying to make tough choices of who to start to stay under the GP / IP caps (not to mention have a lot of pitchers going on the day we go over the cap) it’d be really helpful if there was a “schedule view” on the lineups page where you could see who your players are going up against, and the which pitchers are scheduled to start, for the next 7 days or so. Thanks for considering it Niv!


Thanks for bumping this, it kind of had slipped my mind. I’ve logged it as a user request.

It would be very helpful to see an example of the view you have in mind from CBS or Yahoo or ESPN.


Niv – Here’s how Fantrax handles it for pitchers:


Perfect, thank you!


This view is now live.


This is great, Niv! Thanks so much for implementing it so quickly. I like the new symbol for guys are starting as well.