Ottoneu Fantasy Basketball is Live

You can now create and join Ottoneu Fantasy Basketball leagues. Drafts available starting 9/20, as I have a few small things to look into on that front.

You can access basketball directly from your user dashboard as well.

I gave an overview of the rules a few days ago

I am very excited to finally launch Ottoneu Fantasy Basketball after calling my shot earlier this year in the Washington Post. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support for this project, and thanks as always for supporting Ottoneu Fantasy Sports.


Join the first “simple points” league. 1 division, 6 playoff teams. Draft tentatively scheduled for 10/4/21 @ 8 PM Eastern, two weeks before the regular season begins. Let’s do this!


We are all wrapped up. Took us two nights and the auction draft was “laggy” at times but we made it!

Click here to see how we did. Values were the real interesting part with the top three going over $100 and the top ten all over $85.

~ The Hopsmackers