Fantasy Basketball

I know there was research going into how fantasy basketball would work on the Ottoneu system last year. Are there any updates to this? I would definitely be interested in a Basketball option here.


I would be all over a fantasy NBA league if one was available through Ottoneu. Are there any updates on this happening? I have been the commissioner of a fantasy basketball league through Yahoo for the last 15 years and would move it to Ottoneu in a second.


We had one for research last season.
I should have continued pestering Niv about it. I hope this will happen some day soon. I would have been the guy sitting on Ben Simmons for a few years for sure.


Any updates on this possibly happening for 2018/2019? :slight_smile:

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This is not going to happen for the 2018-19 season, but I remain very interested. @Miguel has been feeding me a steady diet of fantasy soccer too, but I would lean fantasy basketball if I had to pick another sport to spin up.

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If you ever need teams to run a pilot league for fantasy basketball, count me in!

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This is an open question to anyone with fantasy basketball experience:

How much is the grind of setting a lineup a challenge for you in your leagues? Does it reduce or increase engagement in your leagues?

I know baseball is a long season, but most teams play most days. Basketball doesn’t have that, which has made all my fantasy basketball experiences kind of challenging and not super fun - I’m wondering if I’m missing something or maybe that team / lineup management IS the fun part.


please, Niv…

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I have been the commissioner of the same Yahoo fantasy basketball league for 10 years. Setting lineups is the issue that comes up most. We have had about 5 owners turnover in 10 years due to the amount of upkeep to have your lineups set daily.

Yahoo has developed a new tool (last season) that has helped with that. There is now a button you can click on your team page that will auto set your lineups for the week.

Setting lineups isn’t really an issue for me, or our other very active owners, since I am checking my team daily to see how players did the night before. I would say it increases engagement for those that are committed to the league and enjoy fantasy sports. For the casual fan or fantasy player, it decreases engagement by about mid season.


Just bumping to say this is still something that I am interested


Yeah, chiming in to say that I would be really interested in this as well


Niv, any updates on the potential of this happening? I can’t tell you how excited I would be if this happened.

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To celebrate the Raptor’s historic championship, I’m starting a fantasy basketball pool this year, and I would love for the pool to be on Ottoneu. Let’s get this done Niv :slight_smile:


Please Niv, release us from the shackles of Yahoo Fantasy Basketball!


Niv, it is time to start my begging for fantasy basketball again…we have just about a month until season starts. Any way this is going to happen for this year or does Yahoo own my league for another year? Fantasy baseball on Ottoneu is a game changer, I know the same would be true for basketball! I think we have enough comments/users in here to run a beta fantasy basketball season too…

Not happening this season, sorry. We would have to grow to a level that could support paying for the data feeds, and we are not near that level currently.

Basketball’s probably my favorite sport so I’m really interested and I can see the possibilities, but we’re restrained by very real financial considerations at this time.

I am very interested in fantasy basketball…out of curiousity what is the magic number for teams/leagues at which it starts to become viable? is it something like 20 leagues or 200 leagues?

I’m interested in this too. Auction-style NBA sounds fun.

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I’d definitely be interested in a Ottoneu brand of fantasy basketball.

Quarantine project @nivshah? Heh heh, a man can dream…

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