Ottoneu Lockdown League Thread, April 2020

Happy Opening Day!

We’re doing a real-time broadcast of Opening Day. Whoever owns Nashville needs to help me understand why the game just told me there is a Spring Training invitee on your roster and then we are good.

@jacochri My guess is someone is on your active roster that isn’t on your 40-man…

It’s true! Ian Anderson can either be added to your 40 or demoted, let me know. Same is true for Mark Montgomery.

Ok we’re going. I can’t move the players during the real-time sim anyway so I’ll move them after Opening Day is complete.

I just added Anderson and Montgomery to my 40 man roster and sent an export

This is very cool, Niv. Will all the games be shown or just these four? And will this happen every night when a sim is run?

No, just a one-time thing.

Ok, we may have had a false start here. There are a lot of illegal rosters, which seems to mean players on the active roster that aren’t on that team’s 40-man roster. Which is why only 4 of the 13 games today are showing up as being played.

I’m going to see what I can do to roll back and fix that.


Ah. That would explain it. Denver is one of the guilty parties. I guess all that talk of 40-man roster has just washed over me all these years. Didn’t double check that. Too bad OOTP doesn’t give you a roster alert or something.

Niv – it may not be just a 40-man roster thing. I just checked my (Denver) active roster in OOTP and it shows all of them on the 40-man. And they all have the asterisk next to their names indicating being on the 40-man.

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Full disclosure: I forgot to put Kyle Lewis on the 40-man. So I’m as guilty as anyone. I’m fixing up all the teams that have issues now and we’ll be real-timing the other 9 games shortly.

The first 4 games have been simmed through and their boxes will be updated soon.

Walk off win for the Trash Pandas! Sending the fans home happy


i was guilty on this one. I fixed and reuploaded.

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All good everyone.

We are back up. It’s 2pm and San Diego-Nashville are starting the season.

Also wtf Mike Soroka had 14Ks?

Niv are the box scores and game logs just dead links? I’m assuming they aren’t gonna work, but wanted to check. No rush, we’ll see if Hosmer hit a walkoff jack after the sim is uploaded.

I just fixed both the logs and the box scores.

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Because Opening Day was so herky-jerky, I may also slow-sim April 2nd. We’ll see.

San Diego-Nashville and Baltimore-Phoenix are live! Soroka and Cole were both monsters. Fun stuff all over.

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Garrett Richards has departed with an injury… this game is so realistic it’s crazy :joy:

Looks like I’m scrambling for SP. Again.

Trevor Bauer is getting lit up so badly that I may want to trade him before the game is over.


It’s now April 2 and we have RTS going for today’s slate of games. Same link as before.