Ottoneu Lockdown League Thread, August 2020


I processed 14 trades on deadline day. Pretty impressive stuff. Please make sure to check your DFA areas going forward. I have to move a lot of players around during these sims and it slows things down and also makes me nervous that I’m messing up teams that aren’t mine.

League website is updated and the real-time sim is live. If RTS gives me problems I’ll let you know and sim out the rest of the night.

Website updated again and new save file up through 8/3/2020 is up!

The Greensboro Jabberwocks will change their park name to The Bandersnatch


The Gearheads change their park name to The Junkyard.


Sun Kings now play at the the Ft. Worth Ballpark of the Kings.


The Baltimore Archers rename their stadium The Castle

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@atlaslion please make sure to download the latest save file before exporting. Got your export today but it was not for today’s date

Website updated, real-time is going. New ballpark names should be reflected.

Tonight’s save file will have a few important changes:

  1. We are moving away from the 5 star rating to a 20-80 grade. Overall and potential will be shown as 20-80 grades (increments of 5).

  2. Player profiles will now display personality traits for players who have them.

Let me know if you have any questions about either of these changes.


Great change – Niv. I hate the star rating and the 20-80 scale will make it more consistent with real baseball and how we think about this stuff. The star ratings always make me think of movie reviews!

BTW – I want to make that change in my solo 2020 Cubs season play-out I’m doing – where the heck is that setting? I looked for it once but couldn’t find it.

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As commissioner:
League Settings -> Global Settings -> Player Rating Scales

The personality traits change is under League Settings -> Players & Facegen -> Player Personality Settings.

Website is updated to 8/16/2020. Real-time sim is live.

In the interest of full disclosure, last night Memphis and Albuquerque had a wager. Both bet on their own teams, and the tiebreaker was O/U 27.5 runs on the combined output of the games with a 9:05 ET start. The over was hit and the Albuquerque GM won the bet.

Tonight Memphis and Albuquerque are betting Memphis runs vs Albuquerque runs. Each side is betting on their team.

We believe that full transparency about these bets will avoid a Pete Rose-esque cloud over the proceedings of this league.

New save file is up and website will shortly be updated through 8/17/2020.

League website is updated through 8/24/2020 and there is a new league save file up. Forgot to post about the real-time sim, sorry!

Website updated to 8/30 and real-time sim is up.

Website updated through 8/31 and new save file is up. Last one before rosters expand.

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September rosters can be filled out starting tomorrow, yet we won’t have access to those if you are managing Active Roster Moves. I believe switching to AGM will allow him to make any call ups/minor league roster adjustments he deems necessary. It will be the same with line-ups, they may be called up, but won’t be able to make starts unless you have the Bench Coach setting lineups/staff. You could also just wait a week/sim and make call ups then.


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