Ottoneu Lockdown League Thread, February 11, 2020

New save file is available (File -> Online League -> Download Latest League File)

In-game date: February 11, 2020
Next sim date: Thursday April 9, 8pm ET
Next in-game date: February 17, 2020


I forgot to process trades before simming, so we moved ahead 8 days instead of 7. It’s now February 11 in-game. Oops, sorry. Cleveland, Fresno, Philly - please try and get an export out this play session or let me know that you want to remain in, or I’ll look into finding replacement owners. League site has been updated.

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My ticket prices didn’t change - not sure if they should have in this sim or not. Just a heads up.

It should have updated. I was having trouble getting it to stick, but had no such trouble with Denver. I’ll Google about ticket prices a bit today.

Maybe the fans are just content with the higher ticket prices?

There are a whole host of league financial settings that I never checked and did not alter before the season started. One is that the baseline ticket price is $30. It doesn’t explicitly state it, but I believe this means that while teams can lower or raise prices, they can’t stray too far from $30.

There are a bunch of other settings that would greatly impact the game if I changed them, but one that caught my eye was “Team Owner controls Budget”. This setting is currently on, and if turned off the GM can use the entire revenue of the team instead of limited to what the owner wants. I feel like turning this off would go a long way towards removing the bad luck of drawing a cheapskate / profiteering owner. Anyone opposed to me turning this off before the next sim?

The owner controls budget setting should be sorted before the 2021 FA period, so the sooner the better.

Would that make the budgets even more imbalanced? Given that the top team budget is nearly triple the bottom team budget, I would only support it if things became more equal, rather than less.

That’s a good point. I think a team like Memphis, based on having talked to Dustin about it, would probably have more money to play with. But obviously this would remove whatever limitations the top revenue teams have in place currently, which would not be good for anyone. I do not know everyone’s ownership dynamics, but maybe everyone has already internalized what their working budget is and changing things is not needed.

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Sean and I own one of the high revenue teams and my first thought was the same as this concern. I think it would free up more cash for us to use then it would for the lower revenue folks.


I will also add that I don’t think I would have made some of my decisions so far if I suddenly had an extra 20 M to play with. (Full disclosure - I don’t know how this would affect my specific owner. I think he is “Tolerant” and “Generous”, and I am a bottom 3 payroll despite that. Some teams’ media revenue is basically as high as my total budget).

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If anyone feels really hamstrung by their owner, please let us know. Otherwise we’ll just keep this in place as an added layer of consideration for each GM.


For whatever it’s worth, I manually adjusted my ticket prices on the first game file cycle. It’s a little late now for others, but the option was there for me at least. I dropped the price from $33.00 to $31.69.

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Niv – It doesn’t look like Denver’s ticket price change took either. I had requested it going down to $23 and it still shows as $27.

And I’m fine leaving the budget setting as is, even though I think the Moose are at the very bottom of the financial chain. If I’m reading the balance sheet correctly, it seems my skinflint owner took $20M in profit last year out of the team, but I also have one of the better prospect pools / farm systems so that helps balance things out. It’ll be a challenge but I’m shooting to be the Rays and not the Marlins.

I think it would make the gameplay much more imbalanced. Teams make a lot of money during playoffs, and I suspect that if teams could use that revenue instead of watching the owner pocket it then you’d see much less turnover at the top. Also, a lot of the fun of OOTP is, for me, the role-playing aspect. I like having owners and owner goals because it adds another dimension to the roleplay. Same with morale and team chemistry. Also, owners can die (or “retire”) and change personalities, so even the worst owner isn’t a permanent handicap.

The advantages of having a large budget won’t become apparent for a few years anyway. I have a huge budget – second only to New Orleans – but almost all of my money is tied up in contracts for at least three years. Maybe we should revisit this question in 2-3 years though.


Ok, maybe I just can’t change ticket prices. It shows up as an editable box when I’m the commish and I was pretty sure it saved for Denver one time but maybe I just can’t.

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You’re hitting “enter” after inputting the new value, right? It’s not a great UI.

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I am, yeah. I even switched away from the screen and back a couple of times to see if the value stayed where I set it.

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Speaking of playoff revenue - what is our playoff structure given the 26 team league?

It’s old-school. Top 2 in each division make the Division Championship Series and the winners play each other in the WS.


Still probably have an extra OF. Would move one of Mercado, Mazara, Fisher, or Ward.

As the good lord intended, but dear god did that format result in a lot of obnoxious Yankee pride.