Ottoneu Lockdown League Thread, February 26, 2020

New save file is available (File -> Online League -> Download Latest League File)

In-game date: February 26, 2020
Next sim date: Sunday April 12, 8pm ET
Next in-game date: March 4, 2020


It’s the start of Spring Training! Download the latest league file and make sure to make your final Spring Training invitations. You will not be able to invite anyone to Spring Training after our next sim. We’ll take the weekend before the next sim, so please get me your next export by Sunday, April 10th at 8pm ET.

League website has been updated.

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First time doing Spring Training here. Do we send “invites” just by dragging guys into the ST roster on the Rosters & Transactions page? Any reason why we wouldn’t just want to fill all 60 slots?

Yes all you need to do is put them on the Spring Training Roster.

TIP: One can also use the AI to do it.
Rosters & Transactions > Actions (drop down button on the right)

Selecting “Ask AI to set complete organization.” will sort your whole system out for you and then you can make adjustments. WARNING using this once your 40 man roster gets full can get tricky, it might DFA & Waive a guy you’d rather keep which can’t be undone(as far as I’ve found playing). Keep an eye on guys w/o options.

The “Ask AI to set complete minor league system” won’t do this and you can use this often if you like.



After the sim Sunday, should we take a look at doing daily sims?

Yeah we’re going to move to daily sims. This is the last non-daily. The last sim before this one was a daily.


Okay great. Not sure how I missed that. Time has sort of dilated lately.

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Reminder to @OttoneuOOTP21 - set your rosters for Spring Training, because after today’s sim you will not be able to invite anyone to ST.

I have some SP to spare - looking to move one or two at least league-average SP during ST. Let me know if you have a need.

Charlotte (@minihockey8), Mesa (@tuggernuts) and San Diego (@roark), you all have made exports before downloading the new league save file. Please open up your game and go to File -> Online League -> Get Latest League File ASAP. Across the top it should say “OLL Spring | Wed. Feb 26th”.

Everyone else who has exported worked fine. A few teams haven’t exported yet; you have until 8pm ET.

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Team without exports:


Ok, that makes sense. I couldn’t find the spring training rosters to save my life but I downloaded the nwer file and see it as an option now. Thanks. Will upload shortly.

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Niv, are you still able to change my team name and logo? If possible, would you please change the Seattle Kodiaks to the Seattle Fury and upload this image as the logo? Thanks!

Yep I keep forgetting but will not before the next sim.

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Everyone who had a “Wrong Date” export before fixed their export. Still missing Rochester, Philly, Memphis, Fresno, Austin.

I was able to rename the team, but the game does not like the PNG you uploaded. It was showing up as a faint outline of the left part of the image and nothing else. Blank, basically.

How about a JPEG?

This file worked and will be reflected in the next sim at 8pm ET tomorrow night.

Thank you!