Ottoneu Lockdown League thread, February 3, 2020

New save file is available (File -> Online League -> Download Latest League File)

In-game date: February 3, 2020
Next sim date: Tuesday April 7, 8pm ET
Next in-game date: February 10, 2020


We’re almost to Spring Training, which starts on February 26! New league file is up and the league website has been updated.

Is everyone fine moving forward a week every other day or would you like to push ahead faster? We can only move ahead faster if no one is getting cut in the next little bit.

A week-long sim every other day seems reasonable to me. I accept going faster than that too. All good over here.

If we do decide to move faster, be aware that budgets (scouting, dev, draft, and Int’l FA) cannot be changed once spring training begins! And ticket prices as well (which normally need to be set before the end of Winter Meetings). So best give them one more look before they’re locked in.


Scouting question - we assigned our scout a series of reports we wanted him to submit, and he performed the first three (they all were estimated at 3 days).

But now his task list is empty, despite having not submitted the other reports. I’m assuming that only one action can be done at a time, so the other five were all waiting in his queue - and the 16 day one is what he should be performing now. Anyone have an idea as to why the task list has cleared? A quick google said something about commissioner mode, but that was from 2007 - I’m going to keep looking, but figured I’d ask here in parallel. Thanks!

@thebostinian I have noticed some weirdness with the scout task list too. Particularly in single player when I’m trying to get all the prospects scouted. I have had to ask multiple times to get an update out of my scout. I don’t quite know why - from whether this is intentional or a bug or what.

Edit: Actually on second thought, I think that calculator is more for the ratings system used in the Perfect Team mode, and wont work the same in the 20-80 format. My bad.

I’ve never encountered the scouting report issue. A guess would be that it has to do with scouting budget and what can be accomplished in the timeframe. You’ll get a mid season full report on your entire system and I’m pretty sure one to open the season as well.

I’ve forgotten which division has the DH.

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Both I believe

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Confirm, it’s a DH league.

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Trade alert: Baltimore Archers ship P Daniel Ponce de Leon to the Indianapolis Gearheads in exchange for OF Taylor Trammell

Also, am I no longer allowed to change ticket prices? I hadn’t even looked at that yet.

Uh, you could probably answer that question yourself by looking at it.

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Oh you’re right David. Sorry, I gave incorrect information about that above.

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OOTP21 does not allow you to change ticket prices after the winter meetings. This was apparently added around OOTP16 to not allow players to game ticket prices every single day.

As commissioner, I can change ticket prices. Up until our in-game date is February 26 (Spring Training), I’m willing to change ticket prices for any team. Just post your requested ticket price in the current game date’s thread and I’ll make the change before the next save.

I’d like to lower my ticket prices to $15 please

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Let’s take the Denver Moose down to $23. Thanks.

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Looks like we have another OOTP update. Niv, should we download this one before the export deadline tonight?

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Patch notes say build is compatible with previous versions.

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My game updated overnight, I’ll see if the existing exports still work.

An update is not required for this sim period.

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No harm if we do it though, right?

Correct. Update but if you don’t I will not get a “Wrong Version” error.

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