Ottoneu Lockdown League Thread, June-October 2021

The league office strongly condemns these threats of violence but, due to repeated complaints from various GMs about how unfairly their players are treated, has been effectively neutered in its ability to punish this kind of behavior.

We wish Mr. Verlander the best and may God have mercy on all our souls.


Was a little late on this but new save is up. Next sim will be 8pm tomorrow, August 2nd.

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Trade announcement:
Tucson sends C Mitch “Garv Sauce” Garver to the Indianapolis Gearheads for 3B Oswald Peraza and LF Travis Blankenhorn.

Media is confused at the lack of creativity or witty comments.

“Had to beat the 8pm sim.” plainly stated the Tucson GM.


RTS is up

New save is up. Get your trades in before Tuesday, August 4, as the sim that night will put us past the 2021 trade deadline.

Victor Robles is on the move just ahead of the 2021 Trade Deadline. ABQ is happy to announce an agreement with Oklahoma City.

Isotopes send Victor Robles to OKC in exchange for Jesse Pierce, Akil Baddoo, CJ Van Eyk, and Alvaro Seijas.

OKC graciously removed their “Akil Baddoo name bonus” requirement in order to make the deal and OKC’s offer to send Seth Elledge’s pitching hand was appreciated but ultimately turned down by ABQ.

UPDATE: Due to budgetary restrictions, Akil Baddoo will be retained 100% by OKC and ABQ will be sending back the equivalent amount of cash, $9764.

Confirmed, we will let Seth Elledge know that his sacrifice was appreciated, but ultimately unnecessary.

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OKC is pleased to announce the completion of a deal with Brooklyn. The Trash Pandas send Raisel Iglasias and $700k to The Grove in exchange for prospects Mick Abel and Hudson Potts.

Brooklyn to confirm.

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hides butcher knife behind back

Trade Announcement:

After prolonged deliberations, Cleveland has agreed to send CL Ken Giles to Fort Worth for SP B.Mata, OF W.Benson, and SS J.Marte.

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BK confirms this deal with OKC

OKC’s busy deadline night continues. Danny Santana has been paid about $6M to sit in AAA and tell stories to all the youngsters about that year back in 2020 when he hit 38 home runs and cursing the day that prodigy Josh Lowe came for his job. No more!

Cleveland has agreed to take on the remaining balance of Mr. Santana’s contract. In exchange, OKC will send along 16 yr old int’l prospect Angel Aguirre.

Cleveland returns $1 to OKC as valuable consideration to complete the deal.

Trades processed, site updated, new save is up. Next sim will be Thursday.

We’ve simmed up to August 9th, 2021. New save is up.

We may RTS Saturday, but won’t be RTS’ing Sunday.

Fort Worth unveils new logo and uniforms.



Love that Sun Kings logo.

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With the Carp Streamers scuffling under the pressure of undeveloped talent and veterans with bad attitudes, General Manager Henry Woodbury informs the league that he’s decided to take a few days off to go camping. “Maybe campfire chili will help me chill out,” he tweeted on his twitter account with no followers. “No exports from the Wind Socks for the next few days.”


Site’s updated and new save is up. I still need to update the Sun Kings logo - will try to do that before Tuesday’s sim.

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New save and site are up. Still haven’t updated the SK logo but I will soon, I promise.