Ottoneu Lockdown League Thread, May 2020

It’s May 3 and the league website has been updated. You can also track the minor leagues on the web.

The real-time sim for May 3 is up

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New save file is up, in-game date May 4.

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Going forward, if you make a trade in-game please post it to the most recent OOTP thread and as part of that post please let us know if you’d like the trade processed before any of the week is simmed or before the real-time broadcast.

No rush, but i exported and it said it was successful. But it was behaving oddly so i wanted to be sure. If it didn’t work, there was only 1 small change so i am not worried if i miss an export for today.

The Phoenix import worked fine.

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Website’s updated up to 5/10 (Mother’s Day!) and real-time sim is about to start.

Full disclosure, the GM of the Isotopes (me) and the GM of Memphis (@dberuta) have placed a bet on today’s games and O/U 11.5 Ks for the most Ks by a single pitcher today. We have both backed our own teams.

With the over 11.5 (thank you, Joe Musgrove), a New Orleans win, and an Isotopes win, I go 3-3 and win the bet.

Gotta love that there are side bets going on with these games. You guys are hilarious.

New league save file is up, May 11th in-game. League website is updated to 5/11.

A couple of important notes about the future league save file for tonight:

  1. Michael Pineda was DFA’d and cleared waivers because of a misunderstanding of how waivers and DFA work. He’ll be put back on Fresno at full cost (3yr 9.5 per) in the next save file.

  2. The max time allowed as Designated for Assignment has been increased from 10 days to 14 days. This means if you designate a player for assignment, after 2 sim periods you’ll be able to decide what to do with them. Currently players were running out of time as designated for assignment in the middle of our sims, which means I was making the decision on how to handle them.

  3. If you designate a player for assignment and they aren’t claimed and refuse to be demoted or have no more minor league options, you must release this player. OOTP allows you to add a DFA’d player back to the active roster, but this is because of how other systems in OOTP work and does not reflect something you can do in Major League Baseball. So, if you DFA a player and move them back to your active roster at the end of the 14-day period and anyone notices it, you’ll be told not to do it again. If you do it again, you may be replaced in this sim. No one has violated this rule up to this point but I want to make it clear that violating it is not acceptable.

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Ahead of tonight’s real-time broadcast, Isotopes and Ragin Cajuns have another bet. We both have our own team winning straight up on 5/17, and Ragin Cajuns have over 11.5 on R+H+E for Fresno vs Milwaukee on 5/17.

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League website is updated to 5/17 and real-time broadcast is up

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I’m standing outside a restaurant waiting to pick up take out and watching my phone religiously to see how my simulated team is doing! This is hilarious, it somehow actually captures a taste of the drama of checking my stats for real baseball, and I’m very thankful for it right now!


New league save file is up and website updated to 5/18.

This is our first save file with All-Star voting live, which I guess is a whole other system we all get to learn now.

Craig Kimbrel would like to play for a winner and we in Albuquerque are interested in accommodating his request.

Ah ol’ ‘Dirty Craig’

The Ft Worth Sun Kings and Cleveland Rough Riders have agreed to terms on a trade that will send C Yadier Molina to Ft Worth for 3B Todd Frazier. No money is exchanging hands.


The Isotopes have engaged in trade talks with multiple teams regarding Craig Kimbrel. We are looking for one top 30ish prospect and a further away medium potential prospect. Given Kimbrel’s track record, current performance and attributes, and team-friendly contract (2 years, $11.5m total) and our willingness to send some money or retain some of the contract, we believe this ask is fair.

We hope to either assuage Mr. Kimbrel’s concerns about his future in Albuquerque or trade him in the next month. Please let me know if you are interested.

Fresno agreed to trade OF Franchy Cordero to Ft Worth for C Austin Allen.

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