Ottoneu Lockdown League Thread, May 2020

Fresno also agreed to send Pineda to Brooklyn. Brooklyn agreed to pay 4 mill per year of his salary.

The Gearheads are seeking a catching prospect. Will trade a non-catching prospect of similar pedigree.

Brooklyn indicated on Slack that this trade was not agreed to quite yet.

Must have been reported by Jon Heyman


PM your best offers on the likes of Max Fried. He is on the block for a significant return and I need a gut check to make sure I am not underselling. All comers welcome.

Blockbuster Alert:

Cleveland Rough Riders trades:
Justin Verlander (retaining 15% salary)
cash considerations of $6.85MM

New Orleans Simules trade
Max Fried
Clint Frazier
Ryan Zimmerman
Tommy Doyle
Marco Dubon

confirming this from Cleveland’s side. deal is proposed in game


In a separate move

Phoenix Volcanoes trade:
Aroldis Chapman (100 per cent retained)

New Orleans Simules trade:
Riley Greene and Keoni Cavaco

Reluctantly agree


In a rapidly escalating Soto Division arms race for pitching, Indianapolis has acquired P Michael Pineda (100% retained) from Fresno in exchange for 3B Bobby Dalbec, P Daniel Ponce de Leon, and $2MM cash. The teams have requested that the trade be processed immediately (before the week’s games).

Fresno confirms

New Orleans trade:
Miguel Cabrera (AAA)

Phoenix Volcanoes trade:
Cash considerations of $69,000

Giddily accepts

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This is how we know the pandemic has broken us.

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Ah gimmick trades, a surefire sign that everyone is bored.

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I seem to be asking for a lot of help here. I have transactions showing up multiple times. I have phantom transactions and others that haven’t gone in. Is AI messing with me?

Submitting my export but have no idea what to expect.

I think the transactions logs are pretty goofed up. I was trying to figure out how Pablo Sandoval ended up on the Waiver Wire last sim period and I could not find his transaction at all, but other players were waived 2x at the same time. I think its an OOTP thing, not you.

That could be true, but my bench coach is gone and won 't come back. I was certain it was the AGM and fired him, but he’s still around.

Bench coach and AGM are interchangeable in this game.

@jacochri haven’t had an update from you for a few days, you still good?

I’ve had both through the season. It’s all very odd.