Ottoneu Lockdown League Thread, May 2021

It’s May 3 in game. Website is updated, new save is up. Please make sure to check your DFA before exporting.

A little late today but it is RTS time. There are no games on Sunday of this sim so we are RTS’ing Saturday, 5/8.

New save is up and website updated!

The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.

With that one line press release, the Carp of Charlotte announce the trade of third-baseman Nick Senzel to the Baltimore Archers for a horde of pitchers. The actual deal:

3B Nick Senzel
RP Miguel Romero
SP Aaron Ashby
RP Colby Halter
CF Ender Inciarte

Ender Inciarte was as surprised as anyone to find himself traded. “Improvement makes strait roads, but the crooked roads without Improvement, are roads of Genius” exclaimed the oft-traded star.

Baltimore will retain 35% of Inciarte’s salary.

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Baltimore confirms

Real time sim for 5/16 is up!

As a reminder, gonna do a sim (no RTS) Thursday, a sim with a RTS on Saturday and another sim with RTS on Sunday.

If this goes well, we will move to Tues / Thurs / Sat / Sun sims permanently.


Website is updated and new save is up through 5/17.

So, last sim we only got to 5/16 because I forgot to end Sunday. Today we have a save file up to 5/23 and a website updated to match. This weekend we’ll do a Saturday sim and a Sunday sim and one of those days, depending on waiver wire, we will make up the day I missed last sim.

The collapse of the Gearheads’ season has entered into an uglier phase as the animosity between GM koalastorm and the Indianapolis pitching staff has finally spilled over into a more public forum. Shortly after Indianapolis’s announcement of the trade of Trevor Bauer (75% retained) to Charlotte for Ty Buttrey, pitching prospect Colby Halter, and $6M cash, Bauer Outage tweeted: “So glad to be leaving this clownshow of an organization. Eat glass koalastorm”. In response, the official Gearheads account tweeted: “TREMENDOUS day for Indy! One less greedy BUM on the team! Who’s next?” Fans doubt that such childish antics will help to pull the Gearheads out of their 11-game losing streak.


Carp Streamers confirm. A totally unrelated rumor has it that Streamers Assistant GM Gordie Evon has asked for permission to send his resume to the Brooklyn Sycamores, “a team that respects its AGM.”


Trade Alert

The Baltimore Archers have come to terms with the Charlotte Fish Windsocks to acquire P Blake ‘Snellzilla’ Snell. Baltimore will be sending OF Pete Crow-Armstrong, P Paul Pigman, and P Luis Castillo to Charlotte. Charlotte has agreed to retain 5% of Snell’s salary.

Snell’s first start at The Castle, at a date to be determined, will be Snellzilla Monster Night, with all fans receiving a Snellzilla bobblehead and foam Snellzilla headpiece.


The 鯉のぼり confirm.


The sim tonight will be later on and won’t have a RTS. I don’t know exactly when I’ll sim but it’ll be 7 days and leave us on a Sunday.

Tomorrow’s sim will be at 8p ET, will have a RTS, and will include the 2021 amateur draft. I’ll make up the extra day and get us back on Mondays tomorrow night, depending on the waiver wire.


Indianapolis pitcher Matt Manning was as surprised as anyone to wake up to a tweet sent out the by the official Gearheads Twitter account at 2:37 a.m. this morning: “If CRYBABY Matt wants to start so BADLY, then he will have to “start” packing his bags! Have fun in Fort Worth!” It was later announced that Manning had been traded to the Sun Kings for injury-beset Zac Gallen and prospects Andy Bartley, Tyree Reed, and Cody Schrier. When asked about the wisdom of stoking the flames of a multi-billion dollar dumpster fire, GM koalastorm declined to comment.

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Confirmed, Ft. Worth will welcome Matt to it’s rotation. . .

New save is up. I processed the trades at the end of the sim period instead of the beginning; this was not on purpose and won’t be done going forward as long as I remember.

Website updated through 5/30. Tomorrow we will sim 8 days including the amateur draft, so make sure to update your draft boards in-game.

It’s been raised that if we do an 8-day sim tonight, a player could go on waivers from an export tonight and clear waivers without any team having an opportunity to claim that player.

At the start of the sim (8p ET) I will share which players are on waivers. At that point, if any GM reaches out to me on Slack and asks, I will drop the sim to 7 days instead of 8. If there isn’t anything compelling on waivers, we’ll make up the day tonight.

If you do reach out to me, you will not be obligated to claim any player on waivers tonight.

Trade Announcement

The New Orleans Simules find themselves in another arms race and in need of a boost to stay ahead of the fray

GM MikeLikesBaseball, or Mikey as his mommy calls him, says he is “chopping these mid-tier prospects into tinder to hopefully start a fire that lead us to playoff paradise deep inside Niv’s IBM 486 for the first time in franchise history.”

Joining those Simulated Mules are:

Zack Greinke (100% retained)
Adam Ottavino (50% retained)

Heading to the Indianapolis Gearheads are:

SP Matt Tabor
C Endy Rodriguez
3B Gunnar Henderson

Media inquiries can be directed to Jason, I’m out.


The official Gearheads Twitter account has been eerily silent all week, but tensions again erupted after this afternoon’s post-game press conference. As Indianapolis GM koalastorm praised his players for their resilience in taking a series from top contender Baltimore to snap a 14-game losing streak, phones went abuzz with the Gearheads’ latest tweet: “CONFIRMED! Zach “Whine”-ke has joined the New Orleans SLIMEBALLS!” When asked about the tweet, koalastorm ended the press conference with a look of pained consternation. He was spotted that afternoon clutching a half-empty bottle of Ricard and shouting at passersby from the rooftop of his condominium.


“condominium” is a nice touch.

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