Ottoneu Lockdown League Thread, Spring Training 2020

New save file is available (File -> Online League -> Download Latest League File)

In-game date: March 2, 2020
Next sim date: Monday April 13, 8pm ET
Next in-game date: March 9, 2020


This game really likes simming to Mondays. It’s now the first Monday of Spring Training and 4 games have been played. It’s everyone’s first chance to see what kind of team they have. Exciting stuff!

We’ll be sticking with daily sims going forward, so please take a minute to download the latest league file, check in on your team, and export a team before 8pm ET on Monday, April 13. Let’s try and move this thing along and get in season by the end of this week.

League website has been updated.

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Very cool to have things under way. One question, am I missing something or is there a no way to see your spring training record and player stats? I can’t find it under any of the views, menus, splits, etc. Thanks if anyone has figured it out.

You can see ST results under the Schedule tab.

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If you go to OLL -> Spring Coverage you can see everything else you’re looking for.

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In the pitching and lineup tabs, it’s Split -> Game Type -> Spring Training


Trade Announcement:
Ft.Worth Sun Kings send 3B A.Toro to S.D. Matadors for OF M. Tauchman

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I’ve renamed this thread so that we can use it through all of 2020 Spring Training. I’ll be simming another week in a few minutes.

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League website has been updated. New league files are up. Please make sure to get the new league file before making changes and exporting. Your in-game date should say March 9, 2020.

Will do another sim tomorrow night, 8pm ET.

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I just looked over the first box scores (box scores!) and noticed this:

Another Spring Training Tip:

Manager Options > “Setting Lineups/Setting Pitching Staff”

If these are set to Bench Coach, he should manage your starting lineups/staff properly during the spring.
** Otherwise you’ll be starting your in-season lineups everyday. **

Another option would be to utilize the 7 day lineups and set each days lineup for Spring yourself. This 7 day option set-up will likely be what you use in-season.


I just noticed that my logo (Indianapolis) is the old Wild logo – could I please instead use this?

Oh yeah my bad. I’ll have that up tonight!

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We talked about this briefly in Slack: here are the current preseason predictions for our league.

EDIT: Cancel that, I think these are from last season. The new preseason predictions will be available in-game and on-site just before Opening Day (April 1).

League website has been updated and new league files are up. In-game date is March 16, 2020.

Oklahoma City is looking to move one or more of a collection of reliable veterans before Opening Day. Available players include Tim Anderson (w/three years of control), Robbie Cano, Julio Teheran, Dylan Bundy. We are willing to eat substantial salary to increase return. Also willing to discuss deals for MadBum or David Price. Let us know!

Trade Announcement:

Ft. Worth Sun Kings send SS N.Allen to OKCity for SP J. Tehran.

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Confirmed. Thanks!

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It is now March 23rd, new league file is up and website has been updated.

Charlie Morton is out for 6 months so the Isotopes would be interested in a SP.

Doesn’t look like the Teheran for Allen deal went through with this sim. No big deal on our end, but I’m sure Ft Worth will want him before the regular season starts.

Oh shoot I forgot to look at pending trades. Keep it up and it’ll be processed next sim.

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Is it safe to assume we will have the chance to set Opening Day lineups after this next sim? No need to trim down the ST roster to 26 yet, right?