P-F Cuts in Current Owners Tab

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What does ‘P-F Cuts’ stand for in the ‘Current Owners’ tab within ‘Commissioner Tools’? What does checking the boxes under the header do?


Never used it. Email Niv he gets right back to u. Let me know tho I am interested. All the guys I started with are still in the league. Do u need to fill out those two other spots?


When a team is transferred to a new owner, that owner gets 1 round of penalty-free cuts. This column shows you if the current owner has used their penalty-free cuts or not, and allows commissioners to grant a round of penalty-free cuts when it makes sense.


Thanks, that makes sense.


Do the players cut during PF cuts go on waivers for other teams to claim or straight to FA and require an auction to be started? Additionally, can the team that let the player go during PF cuts bid on the player at auction without the normal 30 day waiting period?

  1. Straight to FA pool, no waivers.
  2. The team that let the player go cannot bid on the player, unless there was a draft in between when they cut the player and when they were trying to reacquire the player (i.e. Keeper Deadline cuts)