PA vs AB in 5x5 leagues

been wondering why PA was chosen for the 5x5 display?
personally, i find it misleading about the quality of a players performance,
particularly with players who aren’t getting hits but walking a lot.

for example,
i own bo bichette.
saw that his stat line after his first game was 5 PA, 1 run, 1 SB, and .000 AVG.
if that .000 avg in 5 PA comes from 1 AB and 4 walks,
that’s a very different result
than if he went 0 for 5 and reached on an error or fielder’s choice.

ideally, there’d be a new column for AB which would basically allow us to do quick subtraction for walk totals.

in generally, ottoneu is a lovely, intuitive interface with rapid response on changes and dedicated knowledge group of users and admins.

this is just a small issue on what would give me personally greater clarity on player performance when looking at another owner’s team page or my own.

not meant as a dig.
great work, everyone!


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If I remember properly, I basically split into “points leagues have ABs as point-producing moments” and “4x4 has OBP so PA work really great to complement all the info”. I might have not fully considered 5x5 here. I’ll leave this open and get to it sometime this season.

Could you link to your league’s homepage? Having a 5x5 league to test against is always helpful. Thanks!

of course.
it’s 450.

thanks, niv!

another example, niv.
when i’m in today’s stats,
if i see something like 2 PA 1 run .000,
i have no idea if i’m trending down in avg
or holding steady.

if that instead said 0 AB 1 run .000,
i could presume a walk/HB or two.

i’m sure we all check boxscores anyway.
but it’d be fantastic to be able to put together a little more context in a feature like today’s stats.

again, appreciate the fast response as always.

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Yeah you already convinced me on this :slight_smile:



my wife has given me this exact reaction many a time.

thanks for :eyes: and :ear: niv


5x5 leagues will now show ABs instead of PAs. This change is live and the Today’s Stats page will take about a hour to start working properly, as I have to regenerate previous days.

thanks, niv.

you do so much to make/keep this community great.
it’s very much appreciated.

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