Per user timezone

Feature Request: Please, is there any way that we could set our own time zone in our profile, so everything isn’t listed in Eastern Time? Pretty please?


This is a huge lift that I absolutely would like to address at some point. That’s the best I can say at this time.

UPDATE By “huge lift” I mean it is a lot of work, just to be clear. Sometimes I break into annoying tech startup language.


Sure, understandable. It would just be a little easier to coordinate deadlines when you have a league with managers across 4 timezones, including weirdo Arizona (what are they even doing there?).

Thanks, Niv


I have started listing out the places where we display time on the site.

  1. MLB game times
  2. Auction draft time and other deadlines
  3. Trade block last updated
  4. Message board timestamps
  5. Player transaction times, both on transaction lists and on the player pages
  6. Draft Chat

What places have I missed?

Similar to the team avatar wishlist item, this is low priority until the season starts, but will move up in April and May as other things melt away a bit.


Direct message timestamps (and “last message” dates in the DM left sidebar), unless that falls under #4.

As someone now in CT, I agree this would be nice to have but not a top priority.

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Times are displayed in:

  • trade status & history
  • last team activity (which is an awesome feature!)
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