Points/game and points/IP


I’d love to see points/game and points/IP at the end of lineup page instead of (or in addition to) just points.


I am kind of surprised at the lack of a response to this suggestion, since it is probably the number one request I have gotten since the first day of launching Ottoneu. I know a lot of you use custom-built dashboards to manage your team, maybe that’s why?

Anyway, I am going to look at this sometime in the next couple of days and finally address this one.


Oh right I totally forgot about this great Chrome extension by @varsityshortcut.

Probably a big reason why the requests for P/G and P/IP have decreased. I’m still going to address this in the next couple of days.


It would be great if that P/G calculation also worked when you filter v. L and v. R. For the Chrome extension, it doesn’t work because the game denominator seems to pull every game in which a batter faced a lefty or a righty. So, summing the v. L and v. R games gives more than the total games played. It should probably filter based upon the starting pitcher in that game. Not a perfect proxy for actual P/G v. L and v. R but better than you get currently. For example from the Chrome extension:

Cody Bellinger
All: 126 G, 897.1 P, 7.12 P/G
v. R 116 G, 628.2 P, 5.4 P/G
v. L 84 G, 268.9 P, 3.2 P/G

By splitting the data, it appears that Bellinger appeared in 200 games this season. I know that I can go look at the FanGraphs splits, but this would be nice for making quick lineup decisions.


That is a great point. I messed up my local testing databases this morning so, slight delay, but I’ll make sure to check splits out before deploying!


Yes, please get P/IP as a category. I usually do my own calculation of this a lot when making roster decisions, and it would be great to just have this stat there to see all the time.


Why give the info to people who aren’t industrious enough to do the research themselves.


Didn’t think about that with the L/R splits. Good catch. I guess I’d just replace it with P/AB unless you have a better idea. Or unless the G calculation gets redone, in which case I wouldn’t have to do anything.


P/AB would absolutely provide the type of info that would be helpful in making roster decisions.


P/AB makes more sense than P/G, yeah? P/AB seems more comparable to P/IP at least.

UPDATE: Wrote this, walked away, immediately reconsidered it. IP and G are the stats that are used for limits, so P/G may make more sense. There’s a different conversation to have about changing the limits from G -> AB but that can be had elsewhere.


This is now live!

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Please direct feedback to this thread:



Great request, you’ve earned a badge for this @paulpleiss

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P/G and P/IP have been added to the following pages (points leagues only):

  1. Roster Organizer
  2. Search Results
  3. Player Pages

Hope this is a useful addition for many of you!


I would find it useful to include P/G and P/IP onto the watchlist page as well. Hope that isn’t too much too ask!