Push notification of active players not playing for their mlb team

Could ON send a notification if a position player is in the active lineup but not starting? I work, typically cant proactively check every few minutes for an announcement or remember to check 7 minutes before game times when games starts are so varied. If a simple notification came through that alerted me I could put forward my best team. I think the current model rewards folks who have the lifestyle and ability to continuously monitor for benched players.

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If this came through as an optional e-mail notification that you could turn on, that could be a reasonable workaround for the fact that right now there isn’t an Ottoneu app, therefore you can’t really do push notifications.

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Cool. I certainly recieved the notification via email. Can this be created to send emails when an active player is not playing for their mlb team?

First, push notifications are possible on websites. You’ve seen the “allow notifications from this site” popup in your browser, yeah?

There is an auto-eject wishlist item that covers the underlying thing: not losing games because you have a benched player in your lineup that then comes in for a pinch hit appearance:

I’ve already committed to exploring this in the off-season.

There are a few reasons I am not interested in setting up a notification for players that are not starting:

  1. It does not feel like a feature for a site focused on fantasy sports games. It seems more appropriate for a sports news site.
  2. It would be taxing for our servers, given how we get our lineup data.
  3. It would be really, really expensive to send this number of emails. I cannot overstate this enough.
  4. Push notifications are really hard to implement across all the browsers and devices people use to visit Ottoneu sites.
  5. If the lineup eject work is completed, that would address the underlying request here.

For these reasons, I do not plan on taking on this Wishlist request.