Roster Organizer Accounts for In-Season Cuts

Was just trying to play out some transaction scenarios I was considering and ran into a small barrier. I went to the roster organizer to move some of my team around and noticed that when I move a player to the “cut” spot, my cap updates as if I would get their full salary back immediately. Is there a way to have this adjust for in-season planning and adjust the projected cap to half of the player’s salary? I know eventually I would get the players full salary back if they don’t clear waivers or are re-auctioned after the waiver period, but in that window before any of that happens, I want to make sure I’d still have a valid team.

EDIT: I should add, this is a simple example and some math in my head would be easy enough, but I was looking at scenarios where I pick up multiple players and drop a couple of players and wanted to see how the cap would play out.

Some Screenshots

Team before planning:

Cutting player:

Updated cap reflects full salary cut:

People use the Roster Organizer for various purposes. Having the default be to clear only half the salary would cause more potential confusion than it would solve.

Just a thought: on the Baseball Roster Organizer, there is a field where you can enter “Misc. Expenses.” That might solve this issue. You’d have to manually enter half the salary, but it would correct the cap hit.

Yeah, I get there is a wide variety of uses, I have used it a bunch, it’s super helpful to get my head around Ottoneu at times. I think having it do half while the season is happening makes sense, since the majority of people using it are probably planning for in-season transactions, then once the season is over it can revert to a full salary cut. Have it mirror the current transaction rules. Or even have a toggle for how you want it to account for cuts. I think using the Misc Expenses isn’t quite the solution I would look for; at that point I would probably take the team info out of Ottoneu and do it all in Excel.

The roster organizer is meant as an off-season tool. This was its original purpose and somewhat validated 6 years ago:

There’s no plan to change how it is used or modify its various traits depending on the time of year.