Rule for when college and hs players are drafted

I feel like I saw something on here talking about how this works, but I’ve looked thru the rules and forums and cant find anything. (I’m sure I just can’t find it)

But what is the rule regarding the MLB draft? Thanks

So based on this, when a player is added to the Ottonue player pool, anyone can start an auction on that player?

I’m not sure if I’m missing the point of your question, but yes once a player is in the player pool anyone can start an auction for them, like any other player in the player pool.

Yeah. That was my question thanks. I wasn’t sure if drafted players were frozen until the following auction draft or something. But as a rookie league with all managers new to this site, what is the strategy regarding those players? Ive listened to most of the ottobot podcast and watched the pitcher list YouTube videos and don’t remember anyone mentioning this topic. Maybe I’m missing something but it seems like someone could save some money specifically for after the mlb draft and get all the top draft picks. Am I missing something? Any commentary would be helpful!

No, they are available to be signed immediately.

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You could save money to grab prospects after the Rule 4 draft (and/or international signing deadline). But you only have 40 roster spots, so you’re limited in terms of the number of prospects from one draft that you can carry since even the best prospects usually don’t make their debuts until a few years after being drafted.

Last year in my FGPts rebuilding league, I picked up Torkelson, Martin, and Gonzales last summer. So it’s certainly possible. But I’m playing for 2022+.

If your league wanted to stop the players from being rostered, you could have the commissioner add players to the restricted list as the players sign post-draft and are added to the player pool. Once the offseason starts, the players could be removed so they’re ready for the next year’s auction draft. It would be some work to maintain for a commissioner, and you’d likely need a charter (or a rule set listed in your league description) to inform new managers over time.

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