Searchable transaction feed

[Note: If this tool existed, I would use it. But I think it’s also fair to suggest that the game might be better without this tool.]

Player X is up for auction. I’m thinking about bidding Y. If I could look up for similar leagues to mine what Player X has auctioned for (in all history or just last 10, for example), that would be useful as I consider bid Y.

The same would be valuable for trades, as well.

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If the goal is to get an idea of what a player is worth “at this moment”, this is similar to the purpose of the first-year league filter on the average values page. That filter becomes less useful after auction drafts are over.

I think adding a rolling average of the last 10 adds would do a good job of quickly showing what a player is going for across the Ottoneu universe right now. That could be a low-impact quick addition to the player page.

A list of all transactions across all leagues that is searchable would be quite large and resource-intensive. If the value-add is understanding what a player is going for, a rolling average is a much easier way of indicating that.

I’m open to the idea that the rolling average should be over X days instead of X transactions.

For trades, there is a live trade feed thread that can be searched.


Yeah, last 10 adds average would be good, though I’m kind of also interested in the range. It should automatically be restricted to your same league type / size. Thanks Niv!


Average salary over last 10 adds have been added to player pages.