See all probable starts for the week in H2H

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When setting lineups it would be great to have some sort of view of probable starts for the week in order to manage the GS cap. Currently, every Monday/Tuesday I end up having to go through a lot of clicking while trying to remember what I saw on each day as I try to organize for my weekly matchup. If there was some sort of layout that showed each starter and the days they are probable to start that would be amazing and save a ton of clicking and make planning so much easier!

There is a schedule view filter that has been in place for almost three years. It shows all probable starters for the week.

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Thanks! I had to go hunt for it, I didn’t realize there was a “Next 7 Days” option when setting the lineup!

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This is probably not a trivial wish list, but as I prepare my weekly H2H matchups, on Mondays I go 7 days forward on my line-ups pages to see what starters I have lined up the entire week so I know if I need to start an average pitcher on monday or if I can avoid him and get two starts from someone else.

The downside to this is that once I load a given lineup for a day, that roster seems to be locked in to whatever my lineup happened to be on Monday (I think). So this week, I had Nico Hoerner, Keston Hiura, and Yelich locked in even though none of them are healthy, currently in the major leagues.

I do think the 7-day probable pitchers pages is useful, even though the issue is made worse by my limited understanding of how the “default” lineup is generated. I think if I didn’t go several days out, the lineup for a given day is the previous days lineup, but only if you hadn’t previously loaded that day in the lineups page. I think.

In my head, the page is similar to the “weekly two start pitchers” 'page, just a page that’s specific to my team and lists the single start pitchers as well.

I think

Please review this thread from 2 days ago or the original request that was implemented in September of 2018.


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OK, perfect, thanks. Sorry for the triplicate thread.

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