Seiya Suzuki

Ive been notified that an auction has been started in my league for Seiya Suzuki. When I go to auctions he is missing. In my other league when I go to auction draft and look for players to queue, Seiya is missing from that data base also.
Why is Seiya in some data bases but not mine?

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But why is he in some players database and not mine? How did he even get to auction?

Because I added him and then removed him and in that window of time some people started auctions that have all been cancelled.

why was he removed? is there a date to expect him to be added?

Gonna write this out here to be very clear:

  1. I saw some tweets saying the Cubs had agreed to terms with Seiya Suzuki.
  2. I got excited and added him to the player pool
  3. It was pointed out to me that my one rule is that “agreed to terms” is not good enough. Having just lived through the Kumar Rocker saga I decided I was not above the rules and hid (did not delete) Seiya Suzuki from the player pool
  4. In between 2 and 3 a few auctions were started. Some enterprising managers even started auctions after 3. Every one of those auctions was deleted and it is currently not possible to start an auction for Seiya Suzuki
  5. Once he shows up on the Cubs official transactions (clears physical, everything), he’ll be unhidden and available for auctions.

Hope that clarifies everything.


thanks, niv!

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Great explanation. Thanks for the link to double check. Now that he’s official, do you expect he will be available by Sunday? Not sure how long the process takes to add him. Also while I’m here, thanks for all you do. Ottoneu is great.

Niv said in the player addition thread that Suzuki will be (re)added sometime tonight.


Niv are you able to cancel specific Suzuki auctions? We have one in 1022 that’s against the rules of our MiLB draft going on now. Otherwise I’ll just cut him once it’s complete. Thanks!

Sure, I’ll get that auction removed right away.

EDIT Removed!

Ty sir!

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How much are people paying for Suzuki?

Just went for $23 in 1136 (post-draft auction) and $21 in 48 (draft)

I had too much money left after the auction. Bad me. I spent $25 on Seiya in the faab.