Shorten Ottoneu email subjects

Right now, here is how my inbox receives Ottoneu emails (even in compact mode):

The sender is clearly Ottoneu, but the majority of the subject is Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball, which ends up being a bit redundant and perhaps a missed opportunity for more clarity. It would be really nice to have the following information in the subject line at a glance: league number, player cut/auctioned, and the team performing the action. Obviously each type of transaction would need a slightly different subject. Maybe we can have a discussion about the critical pieces of information we would prefer to see for each type of email?


I think moving “Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball” to the end of the subject line (so it can still be used for filters, esp for people who play football too) would make those subject lines more useful. Maybe finding a way to add the league name in the subject line too.

<Action> - <League Name> - <Sport>