Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball QOL Update, June 2019

Hi everyone,

I apologize for not giving a development update the last two months. I started working on various wishlist items and never got around to being clear about what my focus was on. I’ll try to clean that up in the future, both for you and for my own sense of priorities.

Today we’re releasing a number of Wishlist items and small fixes to make the Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball experience better.

  • Trade block updates no longer go to the message board and you no longer have to get emails about trade block updates. There is now a specific Trade Block email you can subscribe/unsubscribe to in your User Profile page. Click on “Profile” in the top right to find this page. Wishlist item
  • Trade block updates are now specific about what players were made available and what players or positions a team is trying to fill. Wishlist item
  • Emails in general have a subject line that moves “Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball” to the end of the subject, making it easy to still build filters on this text but pushing pertinent information about the email notification to the beginning of the subject line. Wishlist item
  • The league home page now shows players available to claim on waivers just below players available to bid on in auction.
  • Some fixes have been made to the team-to-team messaging to make it clearer if there is an error and to prevent blank messages.

My hope is that these trade block changes specifically really help foster conversation about trades in your leagues. Please check out the trade block and let me know what you think. If you are having issues with the new trade block, you may have out of date client code. Try clearing your cache or refreshing the page or closing the browser tab on mobile to ensure you have the latest client code.

I’ll have a longer update towards the end of the month about next projects, but I see every post in the Wishlist forum and am aware of the more popular ones. Make sure to go through that forum and give a thumbs up to anything you’d like to see implemented or discussed further.

Thanks as always for your support of Ottoneu Fantasy Sports!


I forgot another change that was pushed out as part of this update:

  • On the team roster page, the loans on the right going forward will link back to the trade with which they are associated. This won’t be retroactive because the relevant data was not linked. Wishlist item

Great update. I like the new trade/waiver features.


All of this is really awesome and will enhance the user experience. As always, thanks so much for your hard work!


Thanks for those improvements, Niv! As always it is very much appreciated how you are responsive to ideas / input.

Great to see the best fantasy community continue to improve. All of these look like great changes! Thanks.


I’ve been made aware of an issue where the Trade Block buttons on an individual player’s page are not working any more. This is related to the trade block rewrite, and I’m actively working on a fix.

I believe this bug has been fixed. Trade Block buttons on player pages should now work as expected.