Trade Links on Roster Page

On the Roster page there is a section showing both Incoming and Outgoing trades/loans. In the “Comment” column it would be helpful to replace “Trade” with a link to the actual trade (kind of like the link that is attached to player history). Practically, I’d like the ability to look at year end what trades I’ve made rather than sifting through the larger Trade History page (would be easiest to see right on the Roster page)


Right now, trade loans are not properly linked to their related trade. This is mostly due to 10 years ago I didn’t really consider this and I haven’t touched it since.

I’ll make a change such that going forward, loans are linked to their trades. On the team page, the Comment column will be removed and the Amount will link to the trade related to the loan.

I’ll update this thread when this change is deployed. It might get rolled into the slightly larger Trade Block rewrite I’m currently finishing.