Opt-out of Trade Block updated emails

Not a draft-related comment, but is there any way to modify the profile settings so that an owner may opt out of e-mails noting message board postings that say ONLY that an owner’s trade block has been updated? Thanks.

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There isn’t a way to do this because the trade block updated messages are actual message board posts. They can’t show up for a specific team more than once every 6 hours.

In the future, please start a new thread instead of adding off-topic posts to an existing thread.

Niv – I just found this post while having the same thought about not wanting to receive email updates for message board posts about trade blocks being updated. Sounds like there’s no easy way to filter out the trade block update message board posts from the email notifications, so I’m wondering if perhaps trade block updates just shouldn’t generate an automatic message board post. Owners are constantly tinkering with their trade blocks and it’s always struck me as overkill to have an automatic message board post every time a trade block gets modified. Perhaps it’s not necessary to have a message board post at all?

It only sends out a message / posts to the message board if there wasn’t an update in the last 6 hours. I could bump that 6 hour time period, though. Maybe to once a day?

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I said I did this before! But I don’t think I did, or maybe I did it in football only.

Ok this has been pushed out. Trade Block Updated will only be posted to the message board at most once a day per team and there will only be one email pushed per team per day as a result.

That couldn’t hurt but I’m not sure if that would make all that much of a difference, in that I think about 90% of the trade block updates would still be sent out. For me, I’d prefer to not have them sent via email at all. When I’m looking to trade, I just go to the Trade page and see what owners have on their trade blocks. I’ve been conditioned to kindof ignore the trade block update emails because most often it doesn’t seem like there are any big changes made – it’s just owners doing some maintenance and removing players who may no longer be on their teams or adding a few scrubs to the list. So when I get an email from ON, my initial excitement that someone has posted to the message board, DM’d me, or made a trade offer, is replaced by “Sigh, just another trade block update.” And in the constant trench warfare of email Inbox management, that’s too bad.

But this is not a big deal, although I’d be curious if other owners take value from the trade block update emails.


I like to know, but there is no rush. How about a single overnight job that lists all trade block updates from the previous day?

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I like the notifications, they help encourage participation.

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To be honest, I don’t like the notifications, because I’m in a lot of leagues and leaving email notifications on for message board posts overwhelms my inbox. Of course the alternative is turning those notifications off and missing out on important league message board posts, so I have little choice but to leave them on.


I’m slowly being convinced that the Trade Block notifications should not piggyback the message board functionality and should instead be its own notification you can sub/unsub from.

This is a little bit more work but I can take it on in March if not in the next 2 weeks.

Looking for more input here from those of you who have feelings about Trade Block notifications, so please keep the feedback coming!


I’m fully in agreement with what @mkirshenbaum said on the subject. (“trench warfare” is spot on!) I reflexively delete the trade block update emails without giving any thought to whether they convey useful information. I would like to have them discontinued, by opt-out or otherwise.


I’d imagine there’s a correlation between receiving trade block emails and other owners updating their trade blocks. Its very common that multiple trade blocks get updated in short succession. I’d say that is proof that the updates, regardless of redundancy, trigger action.

Are a few extra emails so annoying that its worth eliminating potential for added participation?

At a minimum, receiving one of these emails indicates there is at least one other owner actively thinking about making a deal!

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I might be projecting here based on my own personal experience, but it sounds like the problem is less “I don’t want to ever be updated when people update their trade block” and more “it’s really irritating when I get a bunch of trade block email updates and 90% of the time it’s just because someone removed a pitcher from their list”.

Would it be feasible to have two different types of trade block update options, one that just changes the list on the Trade Block page and one that also sends out an email notification? That way, owners could self-select when updates are meaningful enough to warrant blasting the entire league. I’m not sure what the best way to implement this would be – maybe two different types of Update button on the Trade Block page? – or even if the benefits would outweigh the downsides, but just a thought.

FWIW, I also treat the trade block emails basically like noise at this point, but they’re not actively a problem for me.


Yeah, I think that’s right. Maybe just turn it off when someone removes a player from the trade block and change it to only notifying if there is a player added or text is changed.

As operates currently, I typically ignore the trade block notifications entirely and just occasionally peruse them when I’m giving a trade some thought. But half of the league doesn’t use it, so it’s not as helpful as it could be.

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They are annoying for me, yes. If Niv adds an option to separate out trade block notifications, it would be an opt in and wouldn’t affect everyone that wants to continue receiving them.


If Niv can add an opt-in / opt-out for trade block notifications (easy for me to suggest! :wink:) then that would be the best of all worlds. I certainly don’t want to suggest taking away the notifications entirely as some folks clearly like them, but it seems like they aren’t very useful for some leagues / some GMs either, and it’d be great to have the option to customize it.


Honestly I like getting the trade block updated notifications, but they would be more useful if the list of players on the block was included in the email.

I’m messing around with Trade Block emails now. They will be a separate email that you can choose to receive or not receive. They will display players added to the Haves and Needs column for the team that updated their trade block. I’m working through the details on the timing of these notifications so that they do not spam your inbox.

I’m wondering if it makes sense to also show players removed from the Haves and Needs from a trade block, or if it isn’t really useful to see players taken off the trade block.

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Thanks for the update. Sounds like a good set of changes.

I would say it’s not useful to generate any notification when players are taken off a team’s trade block.

While you are under the hood, can you please add functionality to automatically remove players from the Haves list when they are cut or traded away?

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