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As a rookie in a 5x5 league, I am looking for data regarding percentile of accumulated stats across all leagues. I like to know 25, 50, 75 and 90th percentile number for each of all 10 categories. in 2019 Is this data available on the web site? Can I find the data from the winning 5x5 teams in 2019. secondly is there data about roster composition. What is ratio of pitching spots to hitting spots? What is ratio of starting pitchers to relievers. Range and average.

With respect to your second question, this is an older post and Justin based it on FGPts, but I’ve found that his numbers hold for 5x5 as well:

In terms of SGP data, I’m not aware of it having been collected for the site. But the following are based on the average of four competitive 5x5 leagues that I was in 2019 for average 25th, median, and 75th percentiles as well as average min and max (I didn’t record 90th percentile):

BA: .261/.265/.270 [.254, .278]
HR: 279/319/345 (250, 366)
RBI: 928/998/1138 [820, 1138]
R: 968/1041/1105 [882, 1181]
SB: 97/112/133 [83, 165]

W: 61/87/100 [61, 110]
SV: 47/75/112 [31, 125]
K: 1318/1482/1661 [1113, 1725]
ERA: 4.23/3.87/3.66 [4.57, 3.35] (note: reversed order intentionally)
WHIP: 1.283/1.225/1.179 [1.340, 1.129]

Using those data, you can construct the following SGP denominators based on min and max:

BA: .0022 (1764/6650=.265)
HR: 10.57
RBI: 28.91
R: 27.25
SB: 7.43

W: 4.48
SV: 8.55
K: 55.61
ERA: 0.1111 (645/1500*9=3.87)
WHIP: 0.0192 (1838/1500=1.225)

Alternatively, you can base the SGP denominator on the difference between 3rd and 10th (i.e., the 25th and 75th percentiles):

BA: 0.0013 (1764/6650=.265)
HR: 9.39
RBI: 19.07
R: 19.57
SB: 5.11

W: 4.00
SV: 9.25
K: 48.93
ERA: 0.0814 (645/1500*9=3.87)
WHIP: 0.0148 (1838/1500=1.225)


FWIW, here are the 5x5 SGP factors I use when I prep $ values for the Surplus Calculator (I haven’t updated these in a few years, but I plan to shortly):

BA: .0022
HR: 11.42
RBI: 28.93
R: 28.10
SB: 9.28

W: 3.94
SV: 11.37
K: 54.32
ERA: -0.0938 (negative because lower is better)
WHIP: -0.0194

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Is it possible to query the Ottoneu database somehow to retrieve league standings for 5x5 across the Ottoneu universe? Because that would be really cool.

My other question, while we’re discussing SGP denominators, is that I’m curious what IP value(s) you use in the SC. Does it vary based on SP or RP? I’ve used 1500 since IP can be variable, but that’s going to slightly undervalue ERA and WHIP since 1500 will be the (approximate) total and so setting it higher dilutes the impact. Do you set it up to calculate dynamically based on the pitchers’ projected IP?

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Thanks, This is very helpful.

What does SGP mean?

Standings Gain Points

Basically, it’s one method for assigning dollar values to players. It’s probably the most common. Alternatives also include z-scores and the percent value method.

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I have a way to pull historical league standings for every format, but it’s not a public resource.

For your other question- Yes, in my ERA/WHIP value calculations I use 1,260 IP as a baseline, and then add the specific player IP to that total. So my ERA formula is:


So a SP would get a better boost to their ERA value than a RP with the same ERA. I use a similar formula for WHIP, and AVG on the hitting side (players with more AB but the same batting average are worth more, assuming their AVG is above the baseline average)

I prefer SGP in cases where I have historical standings information, but z-scores is what the FG Auction calculator uses, because you don’t need to know standings info to utilize z-scores so it is more universally applicable.

Thanks. The formula I use is similar, although for ERA and WHIP I reverse the order in the numerator so that my SGP denominators are all positive. That is:


But purely a cosmetic thing; they’re mathematically equivalent.

FWIW, it would be really cool if you could update those SGP data as I don’t think that league ERAs have been in the 3.50s recently (or at least they haven’t been in my leagues). Also, I suspect that’s also why we differ quite a bit on SGPden_SB: SB are just a lot less plentiful than they were even just a few years back.

For example, in 2011, there were 10.62 SB per 600 PA; in 2015, 8.19 SB per 600 PA; and in 2019, 7.33 per 600 PA (interestingly, they actually ticked up a little in 2020).

BaseballHQ has published SGP denominators annually based on the past three-year data from OnRoto leagues since 2011. For 15 team mixed (closest format to Ottoneu that they analyze), the SGPden_sb has dropped from 7.2 for 2018 (based on 2015-17 data) to 5.5 in 2021 (based on 2017-19; they’re excluding 2021). 15 mixed 14H/9P leagues are different enough from Ottoneu that it probably doesn’t make sense to use them, but the trends should be similar even if the levels are different.

Anyway, I think that might be why I was getting some very different values for certain players (e.g., Lorenzo Cain, Dylan Moore) than SC’s even when both were both based on Depth Charts: I was effectively giving guys like Cain and Moore about 25% more SGP_sb for his 24 SB.

Yup, I definitely need to update my SGP factors. I plan on having a post up this spring with an update to both the 5x5 and 4x4 SGP factors using 2017-2019 info. Not sure where yet, but I’ll be sure to ping this thread when it is posted.

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I don’t have Vibber’s access, so I grab the leagues from this page:

Usually ~5 years is a good enough sample to get an idea of targets / plug into SGP tool. Thankfully the standings pages copy / paste into Excel nicely!

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