Suggestions for Improving Ottoneu Site

A few days ago, the FanGraphs toolbar was taken off the site. This was done because ottoneu switched to https, and this switch temporarily broke the FanGraphs toolbar. I’ll update this thread as things change, but for now know that I’m working with David Appelman at FanGraphs to get the toolbar working with ottoneu’s new https set up.

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Links to the Sortable Stats and Free Agent leaderboards (i.e. the most important parts of the toolbar) have been added to the Search page

Niv, I think we use this forum for folks to report site issues as well as maybe discuss potential customizations, similar to the way the “ottoneu-dev” channel was used on Slack. This should provide a more permanent record, however.

This is a topic. The point of forums is that people can start many topics. We can use tags and categories to organize topics, but there isn’t a limit on the number of topics that can be posted, and having people talk about whatever they want to under any given topic would lead to chaos (i.e. Slack) pretty quickly

Ok, we’ll I’ve created several different forums that should cover a wide range of topical subjects. We don’t have to approve every reply/post by each user, do we? I see users can be ranked or “promoted” to different levels as they post, but it’s not clear to me how that occurs.

Will regular users be able to create topics at will? I can see the value in that, since someone could create a topic for something we haven’t thought to provide … but I could also see that turning into the same kind of chaos where people keep starting unnecessary topics.

Users get promoted by reading and participating in the forums - users who participate more become trusted, and trusted users eventually can start topics on their own. (admin-only link)

Suggestion for improved roster management @nivshah

Under Lineup tools, where you can sort by season stats or in lineup stats, it would be extremely helpful to have sort tool for the most recent 10 games.

Currently you have to click on each player in the lineup to see recent performance, which takes a lot of time when you manage teams in 4 leagues


This is a cool idea - I try to be wary about judging TOO much off of a ten game performance, but one thing I very much do like about the ten game sample on the player page is you can check if a player is playing every day. In ottoneu leagues where we’re often considering starting an auction for fringe players, it can be very helpful to check and make sure the player has been in the lineup regularly.

Would be nice to know what these requirements are. Why keep them under wraps?

Users get promoted by reading and participating in the forums - users who participate more become trusted, and trusted users eventually can start topics on their own. (admin-only link)

Because its complicated (a lot of different requirements) and there isn’t an easy way to write them all out.

Here is a writeup from the people who develop this forum software:

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Thanks - very helpful for some of us trying to sort out both the community site and slack.


I’ve just removed any requirement for starting a new topic - any new user can start a topic on anything they want. This should make it simpler to get focused conversations started on this board.

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Just wanted to make a note here (I think this is the right place) that on a mobile browser, even in desktop mode, I am unable to scroll down to access messages sent by the bottom two or three teams on the list. The page scrolls, but the table with team links is static - perhaps this is an easy fix, and it would be very helpful! The bug occurs in safari on the newest iOS and in 3rd party browsers.

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Additionally, it would be nice to have a link from the community back to the homepage with our league links - is there one I can’t find?

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Both these notes are helpful, thank you!

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@nivshah I have a a rule change proposal and a feature wish to bring to you and to see if the community agrees.

Rule Change Proposal
Arbitration vs. Positional Eligibility
Arbitration is a very unique part of this game, and the way is done affects such a huge part of the game. As I understand it, arbitration increases will happen based on accrued service time for players which dictate whether their salaries increase by $1 or $2.
To me it doesn’t seem ‘fair’ to have the ability to increase a player’s salary when they haven’t played all year and won’t be eligible for a position at the beginning of the next season. It’s seems that the player is being penalized (and his owner) for NOT playing an entire year, but doesn’t have a position and saw his salary increase as if he did play the previous year. As an example, let’s look at Greg Bird. I assume he will see his salary increased $2 because of his accrued MLB service time. However, when he starts next year, he will only be eligible for the UTL position until he accrues 5 games at that position.
My Proposal
Tie arbitration increases to positional eligibility as well as level-accrued service time. For instance, in Greg Bird’s case, this year he would accrue $0, because he did not meet the positional eligibility. Additionally, let’s suggest Clint Frazier gets called up to the Yankees post-Sept, but only starts 4 games in the OF. I would recommend he accrue $1 because he did not meet the MLB positional eligibility requirement, thus he would only accrue the MiLB arbitration amount. This, to me, would be a better representation of what arbitration value means in the Ottoneuverse.

Feature Development Wish
Improve the Watchlist
The watchlist is one of those options that is present everywhere. It’s on each player page, it’s on your team page, it has its own page. Yet, I’d venture to say not many users take advantage of this feature. It’s not hard to add a player to your watchlist, but what is so special about having them there other than aggregation of players you like?
My Proposal
Use the watchlist as a way to notify (email) you of players you have interest in. So, once a player is added to the watchlist, they are players you want to be notified if something happens with them: they get auctioned, they get cut, they get traded, etc. Make some subtle changes to the ‘Email Preferences’ link which adds a specific watchlist section to include preferences pertaining to what people can receive notifications for. This way, if I like Bryce Harper and have been trying to get him from @LuckyStrikes, but he just loves him too much I can’t pry him away…if he trades him to @eamuscatuli and we have a good trade relationship and I think I have pieces he likes that may pry Harper away, I can then set Bryce Harper onto my watchlist and know when he gets traded.

Anyway, those are my two suggestions and I’d love to hear feedback from the Ottoneu community as well as you, @nivshah, to see if these changes are interesting or easy enough to make and whether we ‘should’ make them. Thanks for reading!

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I feel that if a player is on a Major League roster when he gets hurt (ie Schwarber) he should fully accrue the $2 increase in salary because he accrues service time at the Major League level. However, his position eligibility should stay with him from the previous season. But I wouldn’t be opposed to having a set number of games a player must appear in before getting hit with the $2 either because it could help to eliminate possible gray areas. This solution would also solve an issue for September call-ups. A $1 prospect that gets called up when rosters expand only to have him get 7 pinch hit PA’s and never benefit your team shouldn’t result in a MLB increase either.

I would also propose that players coming over from the KBO, NPB and other professional leagues be granted position eligibility based on their last season in that league since we equate them to MiLB levels that are stateside. For example, having to wait 5 games for Jung Ho Kang to get eligibility in 2015 sucked. Kang was playing everyday and all over the field so getting to the 5 game threshold at a singular position took over a month.

You are talking about “salary inflation” and not “arbitration” - so everyone take note! This is about the automatic $1/$2 inflation at the end of every season, not about the arbitration process.

Salary inflation has purposefully very simple rules, and going down the rabbit hole of added complexity to address edge case players is a dangerous one, but I’d like to see what other users think.

Yes, before we go down this road I would lobby to update the rules/descriptions to refer to this going forward as salary inflation, not arbitration, which can be confusing for new Ottoneu owners. I don’t have a problem with the current way it works, but agree I’d like to know what others think and appreciate @bdmorris.jr starting the discussion.

I like this idea quite a bit.

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