Suggestions for Improving Ottoneu Site

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I’ve added @bdmorris.jr’s suggestion of watchlist notifications to the backlog.


I did mean salary inflation. However, I don’t think it only affects edge cases. Without really having any numbers to back this up, it would seem this rule affects quite a number of Sept callups which is one of the strengths of Ottoneu: prospects. The current rule, though it may be simple, does not become compoundingly more complicated since it also adopts the parameters of another primary rule that is necessary to understand in order to play Ottoneu effectively. I understand not making things more complex, but I don’t think it becomes any more complex; rather, I think it becomes simpler as you have to remember 1 rule, not 2.

I’ve asked around for input and linked my original idea for the Slack community to provide input as well. It seemed there were a few for it, some people who could take it or leave it, and a couple who said it is more complex than it is now. I’m not sure how much more feedback you’ll hear, though. @nivshah, I have some ideas for improved communication, but we can have that conversation offline if you’d like.

Other than making the rule more complicated (or dev concerns), do you guys see any issues with the proposed change?


Hey guys,

Would love the following addition to help me choose my lineups on a daily basis.

Any chance we can have sortable stats / points for the past 7 days / games , 14 games / days , current month? Something we can view in the lineup page. We have season stats / in lineup stats, but wondering if we can expand beyond those two categories.

I find I often have to click on individual players and go to their past 10 game stats to track their current streaks or progress over the past few games in order to make the right decision of who to start over who.

This would be a great way for me to save a bit of time and have the exact visual of all my players right there and then to see who’s been hitting well / not so well and make my lineup decision accordingly.

I’m hoping this a possible implementation, I think it would be very useful down the stretch of the season.

Thanks and keep up the good work


I’ve received this request a few times, and the reason I haven’t added it yet is because right now splits are not calculated efficiently, and it slows down the page a lot. I took a long run at it last year, and it didn’t go well. However, not all is lost! I’m working with FanGraphs to incorporate more of their splits on the page directly, and I think that effort should go well this off-season.

More splits on Lineup page

Now that the Roster Organizer is available in-season (without using the address bar), I can think of a few ways to improve it:

First, now that Player Pages have next year’s projected positions, it would be great to use those in the Roster Organizer. Ideally there’d be an option to easily switch between current and projected positions, but if I had to pick one, on that page I’d rather have next year’s.

Second, including inflation in players’ salaries would show better salary cap information without forcing users to manually count major and minor leaguers, overstate the number of roster spots used so they can include those dollars, and remember to adjust them as they move players on and off the Trade and Cut lists.

Related to above, a separate box, unattached to any player or roster spot, where you could put an allocation arbitration estimate to be added to your cap, would be helpful.

Thanks for all the hard work!


I don’t think this is a good direction for the Roster Organizer.

As the tool currently works, it is available all year for you to see how certain changes to your team would look based on your current team construction.

These proposed changes would instead force you to always be thinking about the offseason. Presumably in the offseason it would switch from projected positions to current eligibility and post-arbitration it would get rid of all the allocation estimates and current salary instead of adding inflation again.

However, I think the Roster Organizer can be for your team’s state today. You can project trades or winning big auctions, for example. You can move players around and try out lineup configurations without making changes to your actual lineups page.

I think changing the Roster Organizer so it is always directed at the offseason would limit its utility and also be confusing.


Oh, if that’s how most people use the roster organizer, that makes sense. I have never used the roster organizer for anything but the following season. Thanks for the quick reply.

How Do You Use the Roster Organizer?

I think this is an interesting discussion. I’ve never used the Roster Organizer for anything other than projecting the next season. I’m curious to here how anyone is using it effectively for in-season management. Trades and auction transactions happen so fast that my experience is most players just rely on the lineups page alone during the current season, but I could be missing something.


Let’s break out my assumptions to @byron in fun poll form


A few suggested enhancements that I believe have been raised elsewhere before, and may even be in progress, but logging here for posterity:

  1. Allow commissioners to set a uniform renewal date for their entire league during each offseason. (If I recall correctly, football can already be run this way, but obviously no reason that it wouldn’t also be useful for baseball.)

  2. A league notepad where any custom rules, links, or other info with a useful life longer than the average message board post can be stored.

  3. Possibly more controversial: Make any owners claiming abandoned teams in the offseason pay roster fees up front. Discourages owners that will claim teams on spec, then drop if they can’t manage them into a favorable position before the season.

Why have renewal dates?

All three of these ideas are strong IMO


Wouldn’t the issue with #3 be that the original owner already paid for the team for the current season, and having the claiming owner also pay would mean a duplicate fee? Maybe I’m missing something obvious, or maybe that’s not an issue (and could mitigate circumstances where a league never finds a replacement owner before the season starts).


I suppose we might have to agree philosophically on whether an owner is paying for the upcoming baseball season or 365 days of team management with their league fee.

Maybe just make the pay-up-front requirement for prize leagues?


Number three is a non-starter. Number one is going to be rolled out part of a larger set of things in the spring, and number two is interesting and will be considered appropriately.


Would like a quick link (or icon etc.) on team page, lineup, or roster organizer to add a player to my trade block along with current salary.


Would also like a quick link (or icon etc.) by other teams’ players to add them to a “Trade Target” list, perhaps as a subsection of the Watchlist, Trade Block, or Trade Wizard.


This is helpful feedback, thank you!


Suggestion: the “Trade Accepted” notification emails for baseball should show the details of the trade, like the football e-mails do. It is so handy to have that information there, rather than be forced to navigate to the site. Thanks!


That one is definitely already on the big board. I used to defend having less info in the email, but now that I tried out giving the full trade details for football I couldn’t agree more.


A quicker way to get to the trade block. Especially in the off season. I know it’s petty, but having to click through trade, or team links first and then to the trade block is just an extra step that ruffles my feathers. Especially on mobile.