Suggestions for Improving Ottoneu Site

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I would like to see on my main Ottoneu dashboard if there any new messages (just indicators), rather than having to go through every team page to check.

Clicking on the 2 or 1 would directly bring me to the message panel for that team. The same could be applied for any pending trade proposals.


Inbox / Trade Proposal information on dashboard

Please add trade details to the trade notification emails. If I’m getting the notification I would like to see who got traded right there in the email. When a trade is offered I see the player details. Make it the same for completed trades.


Totally agree. This has been in the queue for a while and should be addressed soon.


Would it be possible to add position eligibility to the player page?


It there - third box from left.


@nivshah it looks like the trade deadline banner on the home page is covering over proposed or pending trades, could you please adjust this?


Looks like I broke something, will check it out.

UPDATE: Fixed it!


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On the Player Search page, shouldn’t the sortable column headers be styled with “cursor: pointer”, and perhaps more, to make them clearly clckable?


Yep, I’ve made the cursor into a pointer on column headers for sortable tables. I think that was lost in the redesign translation. Thanks!


I would like to see an “Add to Watchlist” button added to the search results rather than having to click through to the player page to add them. Even just a “W+” button similar to that of the draft.



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