The 2022 finals are down to the wire

3.06 points separate these two finalists going into the final weekend, two finalists that have been the best teams in the tournament from the start. Come sweat along with them!


Congrats to Monongahela Crickets Mourning :pig: for winning the 2022 OPL. This marks a back-to-back win for one of the team’s managers.

Monongahela went into the playoffs with the highest point total and steamrolled their way through the playoffs, including an almost 2500 point 6th round. A deserved victory from a great team.

I’ll have details on OPL prizes after the MLB season ends. Thanks to everyone who played or followed along with the 2022 Ottoneu Prestige League!

well done monogahela crickets mourning. fantastic season.

weezy and jason and jason have developed into the most formatitive competitors in this competition. the work they have posted about points and distribitions has now also been turned into multiple winning teams over multiple winning seasons. truly taking it to the ottoneu community in the ottoneu premier league.

very well done and well deserved.

im looking forward to playing again next season, hoping to improve on my finish this season and try to be as good as these guys :)) glgl