The Clongowes Cricket Club wins 2021 OPL

Congrats to The Clongowes Cricket Club for winning the inaugural Ottoneu Prestige League. An impressive performance from the start. The Clongowes Crlcket Club was the top scoring team in the first round, the third round, AND each playoff round. Before you ask, they had the 9th highest total in the 2nd round. An overall outstanding performance and a worthy champion.

Really valiant effort from our runner up, The Big Unit’s Mourning Dove, who gradually gained steam to peak just in time for knockouts. The final was very close and hinged on a couple of at-bats that we talked about in Slack in close to real-time.

OPL has been kicking around in my head for a couple of years and I am glad it finally came together and had such a fun first run. I’ll have more information about 2021 prizes and 2022 signups soon, but for now let’s congratulate The Clongowes Cricket Club on their victory!


Congrats to The Clongowes Cricket Club and owner, who sometimes goes by Jason W. Great season and great championship. Also, I have to commend Jason for sharing his research on the OPL slack channel. After the first round he created a metric to determine which teams were likely to improve after the May 1st snapshot, based on new acquisitions during the month of April. As luck would have it, his metric showed my team improving about 300 points which presaged an actual improvement of over 600 points.

And thank you Niv for creating this fun game.

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