"Today's stats" tab incorrect

Something weird going on with my “Today’s stats” tab, been incorrect the past two days. Looks like it’s taking into account non starters for some reason?

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I’ll look into this

We seem to be having the same problem (league 935).

It’s pretty stubbornly broken for me tonight. All stats for all players are showing as “Not Available.”

If y’all could share your league IDs or home pages and what scoring system you’re using, that would be great.

Just to confirm, the standings, or in the case of H2H, gam escores, seem to be fine?

Oh, and I have made some significant changes to the Live tab, so make sure you have cleared your cache or done a hard refresh of your browser if you’re having troubles.

If troubles persist, definitely share the info I asked for above and I’ll sort it out. Issues with this page should not be affecting scoring or standings.

Thanks y’all, we’ll get this sorted out.

Kingery gonna update at some point? He got a couple hits last night.

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His stats are definitely counting towards standings right now. I’ll make sure they are showing up on the live page.

I think I found a small bug that was affecting Kingery and probably affecting a few other players last night. Again, it only affected the display on the Today’s Stats page - standings and scoring was not affected. I’ve fixed the bug and we should be in good shape today. Please continue to use this thread if you see long periods (1hr+) of no or bad updates.

Thanks everyone!


It worked during the day today, but it’s broken again tonight for me in 752, FGPTS. And yes, as you said above, everything other than Today’s Stats seems to be fine. Thanks for troubleshooting!

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Hi Niv. Still having issues on my end - standing appear to be fine but all my stats are “Not available” still. Here’s my league page.


Tried different browsers and clearing the cache with no luck.

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I’ll have time to investigate today. Sounds like it stops working around midnight ET?

@jt6677 weekly lineups are almost certainly the cause of this issue. I’ll spend some time with it today and update shortly. Sorry about this!

The live page for 752 and 3/31 looks ok now - I wonder when it stops working and starts again…

I’m having a similar issue. Tend to look at stats before bed, so usually around 1:30 am ET, after games have ended and on all my leagues I see total team live stats (starting and bench) but no individual player stats.

By next morning it works fine

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Know you’re working on it @nivshah but here’s an example of a similar problem in 237. It’s like it’s taking into account my players’ stats, but also summing the stats of some phantom players (e.g., my players have accumulated 6 PA but it’s showing 9 in total).

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No problem Niv, appreciate the quick responses!

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You called it. Everything worked fine for me, for today’s (4/1) stats in 752 all day until just before midnight ET. Now that midnight has passed, all players’ stats for 4/1 show as Not Available.

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Same here actually! Thought it was working all day but “Not Available” now.

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It’s 730a and working again, so now I have a timeframe to focus on.

Glad there are a couple 10:05p ET starts tonight, because sounds like I’ll be staying up late :slight_smile: