Track aggregate player performance in a H2H matchup

Hey Niv, first off, you’ve done an amazing job acting quickly on so many people’s random wishlist items.

Here’s my latest one.

On Yahoo you can see how many points or stats a player has accumulated in that week’s matchup. It is fun to look and see for ex. that Judge has scored 90 weeks in a matchup or Chapman scored -8 points etc.

Could be called “player totals” or something and live after the last date in the matchup button?

Seems like a cool idea to me, but might have to wait until the offseason.

Sweet, ya no rush for this year

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Also would like something like this! Was one of the first things I was looking for when I came over from yahoo/espn/cbs h2h leagues to here. It’s fun and informative to see the weekly matchup totals for the players rather than having to click a day at a time, and rather than seeing just total team stats. Could have a “Total” button next to where all the individual dates are in the box score section of the matchup page.

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As an update, I’d like to figure out how to present a player’s aggregate performance in a basketball/baseball game details page. This is probably the next on-site feature I’m going to spend time on.


I’ve added this to basketball. You can see a Totals tab to right right of all the dates and aggregate stats for players in lineup during that matchup.

Will start up on baseball soon.


I’ve now added this to baseball. You can see a Totals tab to the right of all the dates and it’ll show aggregate lines for each of your players while in the lineup for that particular H2H game.


Thank you! I took a look at last weeks’ matchup and it was fun to see how well or poorly certain players did.