Trade Block Addition

I’d like to see a small but important update to the Trade Block that enables an automated message generated by teams interested in your players. It would work the same way as the Trade Block, but the message is generated by other owners instead of yourself.

For example, on a team’s roster page, it would be nice if there were a little checkbox next to each player’s name that I could check as an interested owner. I click the check boxes of the players I like and have interest in and submit, and it then sends and auto-message to that owner in their inbox that says “Lucky Strikes has interest in Mike Trout, Jonathan Schoop, Josh Hader, Gleyber Torres

Another possible way to do this would be from the Trade Block page itself. If a team updates their trade block with specific players, I could visit their Block page and put a small check next to each of the available players I’m interested in, triggering the auto message to them.

I think by adding this feature it would continue to drive messages and communication between teams, which is one of the better aspects of Ottoneu.


That would be amazing

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This isn’t exactly the same, but one of my leaguemates did something kinda similar with the current Trade Block functionality. He listed a bunch of specific players he wanted in the “Needs” column. I immediately checked his list for players I own, and reached out with an offer. Presumably I wasn’t alone, because the guy executed three trades, with three separate owners, in the next 24 hours.


I tried this this week - I like the suggestion. Thanks

It might also be pretty cool if there was a way to highlight up to 3 players on your Block as players you are promoting by maybe adding a checkbox next to them. Maybe those three players’ names also appear in the email that is triggered to the rest of the league.
Sometimes it is hard to really determine what has changed from one trade block update to the next, so this could be a way of isolating some specific players you are interested in making available.

What if I added a “Date Added” column to the Haves and Needs list?

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Yes that could work too. Thanks

I’m probably being obtuse, but I don’t see what value would the date would add. I guess I might take someone’s really old wants/needs less seriously than fresh ones, but that strikes me as analogous to the “low importance” indicator in MS Outlook, and when was the last time you saw someone use that?

I think there is some value to seeing how the trade block changed when you get that notification email. This could help with understanding that.

Oh, that. Yes. Thanks.

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Now that I’m messing around with it, I’m kind of agreeing with @GRPhilipp - there isn’t a ton of value in seeing what the changes to the trade block are, unless you’re trying to infer something from the way the trade block was changed.

I’m not sure the additional clutter is necessarily worth it, when you could just message the other owner to figure out why they changed their trade block in the way they did.

I am going to update the button to send a team a message to the trade block, because I think making direct communication more frictionless is a good thing to aspire to, since communication is so important in this game. The link that is there now is way too small.

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I’ll make this change as well - the list of Haves and Needs will always show the most recent additions at the top. This doesn’t add clutter but does give a good notion of what’s been added most recently to a team’s trade block.

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Ok these changes are live! Let me know if you think these changes address the issues mentioned in this thread.


The changes look good to me. Thanks!

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I wish this available section would bring up my roster with radial buttons to select who’s available.

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