Trade / Cap rule questions

Is this understanding correct in regards to trades:

$400 is a soft cap that you can go above in trades, but you will not be able to pick anyone up while above $400?

And if you are above $400, can you keep making trades?

There is money used and money available.

Money available is $400. You can increase your money available by getting a loan from a trade partner in season. Generally the loan won’t increase your free money but will allow you to take on a more expensive player, i.e. if a trade has a $30 difference in salary, you can make up that $30 with a loan, but teams rarely give more money in a loan than the salary difference.

Your money used can never go over money available.

I was successful in a free agent auction, but my roster is now in an invalid state due to too many players on the roster. I know that I cannot propose or accept trades until I cut a player to return my roster to a valid state. I have several preexisting trade offers to other teams that would also reduce my roster size to within the limits. Can other teams accept trades offered by a team that has subsequently become invalid?

Highly recommend clicking the “FAQ” tag if you’re new, lots of common questions covered.

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Thanks! I searched for an answer, but did not find that thread. All of the examples in that thread appeared to include trades that were already accepted, but not processed. In my situation, the trades are still unaccepted offers, but I assume that the situation will operate similarly.

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I’m pretty sure that you need to have a legal roster in order to do anything on the trading front. But I’m not specifically sure what happens if you made an offer when your roster was legal and it becomes illegal before the other side approves of the trade. For sure, you won’t be able to respond to any offers or counteroffers.

As a matter of course, I always address my illegal rosters ASAP so I don’t know for sure about your specific situation.

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  1. You should just make your roster legal
  2. Teams that are in a legal state can accept trades, no matter the state of the team that made the offer
  3. Depending on a trade that has not been agreed to to fix your roster is shaky ground at best
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Thank you for the clarification. I will address the issue promptly. I just wondered if it was possible that a trade could be processed that would save me from making a cut.

I’m pretty sure the other owner would tell you if the trade can’t be completed until you get legal, but yeah, don’t count on that, like everyone else has said.