Do trades process for teams that are over roster or salary cap limits?

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My roster was at 39 and another team offered a “trade,” basically buying a player away from me without me giving any players in return. However, that trade won’t finalize until tomorrow.

Today, however, two of my FA bids went through, putting me at 41 players, and I’m getting that invalid team message disabling all functions except “cut players.” But will that trade still go through tomorrow, putting me back at 40?

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Ottoneu Basics

Yes, all trades process regardless of a team being over roster or cap limits. Just sit tight.



awesome–thanks for the quick response!

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If you win an auction that puts you at 41 players, will a pending trade process without first cutting a player? The trade in question opens a roster spot for the player added via waivers.



Moved this question to the existing thread from last year that answered the question. :slight_smile:

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Hi. Wondering about the following:

  1. Roster at 40 men
  2. I accept a 2 for 1 (I’m giving up 2) trade
  3. In meantime while trade is processing I pick up a player off waivers, and this puts my roster at 41/40 temporarily.
  4. My thinking is that once the trade goes through I will get back to 40 men without having to cut anyone. Is that the case, or is the trade not going to be processed until I remedy the roster issue?


Please review this thread from last year.



Think of an illegal roster as a temporary state only. It’s ok to make a trade that takes your team illegal, as long as you quickly resolve the issue by cutting players or salary to get under the caps. You don’t need to drop players before a trade is completed.


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