Trade comments being sent to entire league

Hey, seems to be a bug that my leaguemates are receiving “trade accepted” notifications that include my trade comments to the other owner.

I don’t think these are typically sent out, or I’d stop using that feature. Thanks!

That isn’t a bug. Comments can be used to disclose any other considerations involved in the trade among other things.

So the comments I sent to another owner in a proposal now get sent to the entire league to see upon acceptance? I never remember that happening. Seems crazy to allow the entire league to see trade comments.

I mean, its not new - go through any of your trade emails, its been the case since Ottoneu launched. You can use them however you want, but people use them to include context for their league so that’s why they are there.

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Here’s a thread about trade comments vs messaging from 2016

Since this thread, it has become clear that it is useful to have trade comments for accepted trades simply for league context, which is why they have not been removed.

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Oh wow. I’ve made literally hundreds of trades and never noticed. Thanks for the info


It’s a great feature! It provides the context that prevents the heartburn!


Well, as long as you know what its there for. Totally understand if you didn’t know those comments are public on accepted trades that you may give away some info you didn’t mean to, but shouldn’t be hard to adjust, as people in the thread I shared also said.

Vital for leagues with separate MiLB roster as well