Trading and messaging

Disclaimer: I only recently started trading seriously and this is my first season in Ottoneu.

I have been in a quite long conversation with someone in my league, going from a one-on-one swap to a full package deal proposal, and I have found the process to do so quite complicated. We’d be discussing trade ideas in the Messages, but then a trade proposal in Trades would come through. When rejecting the trade it feels like the message in the rejection gets lost (one has to go to Trades > History to see the comments). It just feels like the whole trade discussion should be in one environment.

I understand that Messages are also used for other things than trades, but would it be possible to initiate a trade proposal directly from Messages, and respond from there as well?

If I appear to be using the existing tools wrongly, or if there is perhaps another way to have a more inclusive discussion about a trade including the actual trade proposal / rejection comments / counter offer please let me know.


You are not using the tool wrong, the trade comments function is just clunky. I stopped using it at some point and pretty much only use the messages to communicate with the other players.

In addition to the point you make about rejected trade comments being hard to find, the other thing I found infuriating was that in accepted trades the comments would be made public to the entire league. Knowing that initially private correspondence may quickly become public stifled most of the things I might want to say.

For me, the work around was to only use messages. I love playing ottoneu, so this was an easy adaptation.

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I would recommend using messages for this kind of communication, and I could also be convinced that “trade comments” in general could be removed.

I don’t have especially strong feelings about it, but I am persuaded that trade comments could be removed, perhaps replaced with a link to messages

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I agree. If they dont add anything, it would be cleaner to remove them. Communicate through messenges and than finalize the official trade in Trades.

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Yeah, I think the trade comments field could probably be removed.

I agree with RJ that the comments on rejected trades often get lost - and I also think the fact they are open for the rest of the league to see means you have to think carefully about what you say in them (eg you might not want to tip other owners off about which players you were also discussing) and so it is often easier to leave them blank and send a comment via the Messages section instead.

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