Trade vetoed by league. Need to reverse a loan

League 47. Barkley is a Nat’l Treasure. Trade was Gobert and a loan for Banchero. League vote result was to veto after the trade went through. I reversed the players, and eliminated any resulting cap penalties. But the loan that accompanied the trade is still there. It has my team over the cap and therefore frozen, and shows recipient team with too much cap. how can I reverse the loan?

I’ll reverse this trade.

Why and how is there a vote after the trade is processed instead of directly voting on the trade on the site and vetoing it through that mechanism?


There was only 1 user really fired up about it. I said we’d let the league decide and the majority could rule. I thought it was a no-brainer and veto wasn’t going to happen. Only 3 people bothered to vote! 2-1 veto was the result. If my own team wasn’t involved, I would have told them to kick rocks. But the majority of voters did indeed vote to veto. I reversed all except the loan, and here we are.

That isn’t a veto. Abstaining is the same as allowing the trade. The site will not process a trade if 50%+1 actively vote to veto.

I’m happy to reverse the trade but this isn’t a veto by the rules and is a very bad precedent if you have people who don’t vote instead of actively pressing “Approve”

Totally agree. Fine by me. I accepted the trade to begin with. Can you reverse my reversal??:joy::joy:

Here is an earlier thread about vetos which I agree with and is not specific to any sport

Do you want the trade to have gone through?

Whichever is easier to do for you. Either reinstate the trade, or eliminate the still existing loan and we can re-offer it to one another.

I’ll re-instate the trade.

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As always, thanks for all you do.

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This trade should be reinstated. Let me know if you run into any issues.

Roster page shows me with 24 of 25 spots filled, as well as having $398 of $416 cap used. But league maiin page still has my team highlighted in red for roster violation. And lineup page will not allow me to edit without cutting a player. Cut player screen shows me with negative $4 cap, and one slot available.

Will be online shortly to check this out

No rush at all on this. Just need to make changes for tomorrow. Thank you.

This seems to be fixed. Now the other team in the trade is not in a legal state but that is correct.