Trades Today Not Showing


Trade offers being sent or proposed today for my team does not show up in the main screen. I got the emails and trades show a 1 when I’m on my team page, but no new trades are shown when I’m on the league page.

This is for proposed trades? Could you please share a link to your league’s home page?

Seems to be any proposed trades either way for just me.

Other owners in your league can see the trades both proposed to and by them?

Correct, I can see that I have an offer with a 1 above the trade navigation page when I’m on my team page.

When you click on “Trade” do you see proposed trades?

Yeah this seems to be related to your browser perhaps? Have you tried clearing your browser’s cache or anything like that?

Let me do that now, no the trades screen does not show the proposed trade.

I joined your team as a co-owner and I see many trade proposals, an impressive number in fact.

Were you seeing trade proposals before today?

I see them now, it was the browser. Thought the trades didn’t go through or I forgot to submit when a work task came in since I didn’t see them.

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The trade icon is still showing even after I rejected that test trade offer and refreshed. Not a big deal, but seems a little glitchy still.

Hm what browser are you using? This may be related to this other forum thread:

Chrome, seems fine now. Seemed slow to update, showed a trade I withdrew as I was cutting down my offer spam from not seeing it. Then that went away but still had the icon, now all is looking normal.

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