Trying to get a "latecomers" league started

Hey there!

Long time Fantasy and Baseball sim player here looking to finally get into Ottoneu. I’m having a hard time finding a league to join so I thought I would create a new one and look for potential managers who are still looking themselves for leagues and are interested. I am open to modifying league settings and find a set up we all like. I have the auction tentatively scheduled for next Sunday but I am open to making that sooner/later based on interest.

Link to league:

I’m probably one more weekend-consuming draft away from getting murdered by my wife. So sure, I’m in.


Hahah amazing! Can’t wait.

Hey. Is the draft definitely next Sunday? I’m interested, but unable to draft that day.

I’m also considering a new league and possible have the draft run over two evenings. My thought is $20 this year and bunk to $50 next year.

I like your team name. I’m in the South Bay.


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Yeah the auction is Sunday, May 16, 2021 6:00 PM EDT. We plan on likely splitting it over two nights. Would love to have you join if there is any way, we are struggling to fill the last 4.

Regardless, I’m certainly interested myself in joining multiple leagues, so let me know if you get it going :slight_smile:

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I would love to join, but no way I can draft that day and time. I’ll keep you in mind if we start a new league.


I am interested!

Interested, but what tier is the buy-in?

Hi there. Is your league filled? if not i would love to join. I just stumbled apon this site and it fills all my fantasy baseball needs.

I think this league is filled, based on the link in the parent post.

Sounds like there might be interest in another latecomers league, based on the posts here and the available owners list. As a reminder, if your league does not fill, you can always cancel for a full refund, and if you decide to start on July 1, your payment will be towards the 2022 season.

Absolutely no risk to spin up a new league if you are interested. Really excited for the interest this year, hope y’all get a chance to play!

How does this work for a prize league? Or is that only applicable for the $20 tier?

Also, will a team that finishes in the top 6 in a league that starts in July be eligible for the 2022 OPL competition?

Hey all! The league is currently filled, but we will keep you all in mind in case anyone has to drop out before the auction. I am also super pumped to see other people still interested. Feel free to loop me into any new leagues that start up here…I’d love to be involved with multiple.

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You play the rest of 2021 for free, no prizes.

I dunno, probably.

Looks like one spot opened up if anyone is still interested.

I don’t suppose it’s still open? I’m new to Ottoneu myself, looking for a league to dip my toes this year.

I think that I’m going to start up a nonprize FGPts league on July 1st that will draft in early July. Niv is going to allow leagues that start after July 1st to have their fees counted toward 2022 (i.e., effectively six months of Ottoneu for free!).

So if you don’t mind waiting until then, it could be a fun league if the craziness of the short 2020 season is something that you want to relive, lol.


Yeah I was thinking about that, a “sprint to the finish” like last year. Count me in!

Any movement on this new league? Would love to join a second league if you get one going :slight_smile:

To get the remainder of 2021 for free, we have to wait until July 1st to create the league, not just draft (checked with Niv a few days ago on this point in another thread).

I’ve got a small list of some people from Reddit who have expressed interest and are new to Ottoneu. I think it will probably take us a couple of days to get organized/registered once the league is created on July 1st (which is the Thursday before a holiday weekend) and I don’t know that it will work to do an auction over Fourth of July weekend. So maybe we can plan on drafting sometime either the week of July 5th or the following weekend?

Ah, gotcha. That makes sense. Dates all sound good to me. Excited to have another league to try out different strategies in. Thanks for working on organizing this!