Two C slots

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How does the two C slots work? I know Otto is a one catcher league, so I assume if you have both C spots filled in the starting line-up, only one will accumulate stats if both are playing. Is that correct? If so, if both are playing, how does the system determine which players’ stats count?

If you play a player in both catcher slots, they both will get stats.

There is a 162 game cap for catcher. The two slots exist to make it easier to platoon catchers. I did this when it was just the original league and when I tried to get rid of it (in 2013) it turned out the convenience factor was too high. So, two C slots in a one C league.

Thank you. I assume then if you only have one of the two C spots filled, your roster will still be legal?

However you set your lineup has no relationship to if your team is in a legal state or not.

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Why does the lineup page have two catcher slots? We want to only have one starting catcher in our league

The two spots share a 162 game cap, so it is a 1-C game.

Makes sense. I’m in multiple leagues but this is first one as Commissioner so just want to make sure I give everyone the right info. Thanks. Last question, any reason why our roster limits are showing 135 games max?

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The game maxes are pro-rated if you have playoffs.

This was introduced in a time before the pandemic:

saw somewhere that theres two starting catchers and i noticed its also on the roster organizer page that way, but the official rules make it seem like its only one. can anyone let me know?

Here’s a thread about C slots on the lineup page.

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if we switch to H2H for the playoffs, does the lineup change to only 1 catcher slot in the lineup?

From the rules (1e(ii)):

In head-to-head leagues and during the playoffs, a starting lineup consists of one slot at each infield position (catcher, first base, second base, third base, and shortstop), five outfielder slots, one additional middle infielder (second base or shortstop) slot, one additional hitter from any position (utility slot) and five relief pitcher slots. The number of starting pitcher slots depends on the league’s Per Week GS Cap setting