Unable to move players into starting lineups because H2H schedules not generated

I’m unable to move any players from the bench into the starting lineup. I know the season isn’t starting until 4/1; in past seasons we could always modify the lineup as soon as the draft ended. This year all slots are grayed out. Is this a new thing this year?

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If the draft room is still open, the Commissioner needs to complete the draft by checking a box in the Settings.

It has something to do with schedules not fully being generated yet. They are taking a little slower than usual.

If your league is NOT a H2H league, then I don’t know what is up :slight_smile:


We are a H2H league. Thanks for the update!


There is a bug with the schedule generation software and I’m actively investigating. It’s related to a full 22-plus week season and multiple matchups. I’m hoping to have a solution this week, at which point schedules will start being generated for H2H leagues and teams in H2H leagues will be able to set their lineups.

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Niv - This is happening in my roto points league with H2H playoffs. Is this also from the H2H issue you mentioned? League 1151.

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On first blush my guess is that your auction draft is not marked as completed in the system. This bug should only affect full H2H leagues, not leagues with playoffs, but maybe I’m wrong.

Ok. (Apologies for getting off topic). I checked all the boxes by each team. I’m looking in League Settings and I see nothing related to the draft. We did it offline on Couch Managers and I selected an option in League Settings about not using Ottoneu’s draft tool. I must be missing something.

Ok, I think this bug is actually affecting leagues with playoffs, perhaps instead of affecting H2H leagues. There is a lot of overlap between the two of course. I’m continuing to work on it.

1151 is in good shape and as soon as this bug is fixed you’ll be able to set lineups.

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I’ve actually reduced this issue to only affect H2H leagues and not leagues with playoffs. I should have a fix for it to not affect anyone soon, though schedule generation is still my number one priority before Opening Day.

League 1286 is FGpoints and also cannot set lineups. But does have playoff.

Alright. Continuing to investigate. Made a bunch of progress tonight and should have a good update later or tomorrow.

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Most leagues should have schedules generated now and should be able to set lineups. Leagues with just playoffs and no H2H should be able to set lineups as well. If you see an issue with schedules, please let me know ASAP.

I’m continuing to work on a few leagues that have unbalanced schedules due to league size or other league settings. They include:


I hope to have an update for those leagues tomorrow.

We’re league 1247. We can now set lineups but I don’t see where the league schedule has been generated

1247 is a 5x5 league, not a H2H league.

My mistake. Sorry

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Your league was affected by the bug because it has playoffs though.

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