User Profiles are live

I’ve added some basic user profiles to the site. Here is mine, for example:

You can reach your own profile by clicking the new “Profile” link on the top right of any page on the site. From there, you can link your Twitter account (so other users can find you), decide to show/hide your email address (default is hidden), and update your bio.

This will be an evolving part of the site, but I wanted to get it up during this offseason so that Commissioners who want to make themselves available to prospective new owners can do so.

Let me know what you think and if there are other interesting places to surface this link.

UPDATE I should mention you can see other user’s profiles by visiting their team pages or directly going to

UPDATE 2 The link immediately above was an example, stop clicking it :wink:


Is the Active Teams table capped at 10? One of my football leagues doesn’t appear on my list

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I would recommend adding a championship total (those little cup icons?) somewhere on here. Great “resume” when leagues are looking to replace owners.


Niv, this is great - thanks for adding the profile section.

How is the “Acquired” date calculated on the profile screen? The furthest mine goes back is 2015, but the league and team have been in existence since 2011 (league 52). Just curious

It says on the page we only have records back to October 18, 2015. Like, right above the list of active teams.

For the record, that’s true because we weren’t storing team ownership history anywhere before that date.

That note should have been flashing and in bold, you can’t expect us to notice everything!

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Can you DM me or email me about this with the details of the team that is not showing up?

It would also be really nice to show championships for teams we no longer own.

Sorry, did not see this

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It would make more sense on this page to show personal championships (instead of team championships) and due to our lack of records before 2015, that will be an unfortunately incomplete list. I think an incomplete list would be cooler than nothing, so I’ll look into this down the line.


Not sure if it’s possible, but if you could link Badges that are awarded here to the Profile page, we could capture all history (manual, self-reported, but better than nothing)

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Ah, this is a very interesting idea. I think our forums have an API that shows what badges you’ve earned, and this would be a great way of using that API. I’ll file this for future investigation, feels like a good project for my annual “hack on a bunch of small stuff around Christmas” session.

Hmmm. I’m getting a page-not-found –
Is it the period in my username?

Ah yep, I’ll fix that tonight!

User names with spaces are breaking, too.

Ok, user names with characters I had not considered (spaces, dots, everything in between) should now work!

It looks like the Community Profiles link only works if the username on FG/Ottoneu is exactly the same as the username on the Community site, right? Otherwise it gives an error about the page not existing.

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Yeah, actually how did your username change from a space on FanGraphs to an underscore here? Was that done automatically or did you make that change?

I don’t remember for sure, but maybe the Community site didn’t allow the space?

Ok, it looks like if your FG username has a space in it, it will be automatically converted to an underscore on the community site. I’ll roll out a fix for that shortly!

UPDATE: Fixed!