Using credit cards with Paydala

Credit cards are safe for the payor, and yes, somewhat expensive for the payee.

But we know MasterCard, American Express, and Visa are solid, long-established paying services. Charge us an extra 5% to use one of them. Bars and crummy restaurants do that too. But I and we in the Otto community trust and believe in those pay services.

Please don’t drive off a third of our owners to do this.

I don’t believe ACH from a checking account vs a credit credit payment had anything to do with the separation from Paypal.

But if Niv demanded payments in the form of human organs or maybe even first born children, I’d find a way to make it work.

Oh wow I had no idea that y’all didn’t understand that the new payment processor takes credit cards.

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Here is the demo of using Paydala, which is not yet live but will be soon:

From the video from this post, here is a screenshot:

Here is some text from that post:

If you choose to pay directly from your bank account

I have no idea where the idea that you could not use a credit card came from. Paydala accepts all major credit cards.

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