Vote Off System?

Signed up for a new otto league this year, thinking it was like other leagues I have played in (allocation), but it is “vote off system” . Can anyone give me a quick tutorial on vote off or point me in the right direction? thanks

Thread here and a link in there as well

Niv … thanks for getting back, we have connected before. To answer your question, I’m not sure how Vote-Off works? Based on what I have found, I thought it might be one team from each team, but now that you mention it, it might be just one player for the entire league? Have to admit, I thought all leagues were arb/allocation so when I was invited to play in this new league I assumed it was arb/allocation, and it is on me for not knowing or checking. It was just sprung on us last night by the commisioner that we are a vote-off league. As you would expect, most teams did not know and a few guys are a little salty about it. Anyway… thanks for the response.

correction, one player from each team

good to know. So is vote-off simply just one player for the entire league, or player from each league?
And, if it is just one player for entire league, then that owner has right to buy that player “after” the auction draft, for $5 less than the final auction price? thanks again Niv.

It’s two players per team. There are merits and downsides to both options.

You have a $5 discount to anyone voted off your team if you win them at the auction draft, applied as the player is added to your team.

The post @chy924 wrote from 2013 covers all the other questions.

EDIT one player per team, as Chad wrote in the article I linked

got it, thanks again

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