Waiver Claims last day of the season

hey @niv quick question: We had a claim come through in league 712 at 7:31 this morning. I was under the impression that claims had to be processed by midnight yesterday…

Just looking for clarification here, as it also looks like additional claims made yesterday are not showing up on player pages as well. Will claims continue to come in today? thanks.

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For reference, player was cut yesterday morning, and claimed yesterday, which would have been past the transaction deadline of midnight 9/30 I think.

I wouldn’t reverse that transaction, but going forward I’ll make sure players cannot be claimed on waivers less than 1 day before the end of the season.


THANKS Niv. (For the record we had the same issue last year and got the same response. Likely caused a couple people headaches in terms of when they made a cut.

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This time I actually filed a bug - I’m way more organized this year :slight_smile:


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Sweet! Just want to make sure we have clarity on when the claim
Process ends. Appreciate your reply.

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