Waiver wire and cuts seemingly broken


In League 938, it appears that our cuts system is broken. Pablo Lopez was cut from a $6 salary and Jesus Sanchez cut from a $3 salary on March 19. Neither player appeared on waivers. Pablo Lopez was then renom’d by another owner the same day. He then won him for $1. Can you help please?

Sorry if this is some CV edit to the rules, but i cant find a stipulation like this somewhere.


Were they cut by someone who had penalty-free cuts? Like a replacement owner or something.

No. Just double checked the setting.

Once that team made cuts, they won’t have that setting set anymore. Did that team recently change owners?

I see. They were the owner, forgot to pay, became the owner again. So their first cuts would automatically be penalty free?

Ah yeah that’ll do it. Future cuts won’t have that issue, unless ownership of a team changes again.